Development Application is an authoritative archive that gives consent to determined use or development to happen on a specific land parcel. It is obtained by submitting a development application by following this process.

Configuration stage

This is the place where it begins. Candidates work on an idea for their development. Depending on the size and size of the task, you might be needed to liaise with draftsmen, craftsmen, town organisers or other specialist organisations preceding lodging a development application.

What You Need to Know About the Development Application (DA) Process in Home Construction

Pre-Lodgement Meeting

While not necessary, pre-lodgement meetings are suggested if you need help understanding the Development Application process prerequisites or are proposing a huge scope development.

Lodgement Development Application

Gather the entirety of the necessary archives outlined in the Development Application Checklist. This regularly includes Completed Form 1 (Application to Undertake Development) or Form 3 (Application to Amend a Development Application), Certificate of Title, Cover letter, Three printed versions and two delicate duplicates (advanced on USBs) of every pertinent arrangement, Technical report may likewise be required, and submit your application. Application expenses shift between developments; utilize our Fee Schedule to gauge the sum payable.

Application Appraisal

Experts will survey your proposition against the important planning structure for the space in which you wish to create. They might choose your development requires public counsel on the off chance that it proposes a critical variable to the planning system or will affect close by landowners, partners or the overall population. Provided that this is true, they will look for Public Comment on the Development Application for 21 days. In the case of advertising is required, you will be answerable for the advertising costs (by Regulation 31 of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Regulations 2011).

In case reference is required: All Development Applications in project regions will be alluded to the nearby government authority – except if it is within our Armadale redevelopment region, in which case it will be at our carefulness. They may likewise allude to your application to other important organisations or audit boards. There is a 42-day time frame assigned to this process.

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Homeowners truly want the best for their home properties. Hence, many of them would incorporate a different set of outdoor features just to make their properties appealing, functional, and valuable.

One great feature that homeowners may obtain is a deck. A deck is a flat, stable platform that is connected to the main home structure. It normally boasts a railing so that people will remain safe while they are staying on the platform. Since it is connected to the main home structure, the deck can easily be accessed through the property’s doors. Alternatively, the deck can be accessed through a stairway.

Most decks that are being obtained by homeowners have a single level. But as time passes, more and more property owners utilise multi-level decks on their homes. If you are thinking of getting a multi-level deck, then here are some of its associated key benefits.

Considerable Space

A single-level deck can already house a dining area, a grilling area, and other recreational areas. These areas, however, are typically cramped into one similar space. A multi-level deck, alternatively, can conveniently provide appropriate spaces to these areas without too much restriction. They may even boast a lot of furniture pieces and fixtures that are not possible with a single-level deck. So, even if you invite many visitors to your multi-level deck, it cannot be easily filled with a lot of people.

No Levelling Needed

Even though a multi-level deck requires more materials, the installation of the said outdoor feature is known to be so much simpler than its single-level counterpart. You see, a single-level deck can only be safe and stable if the ground is levelled. And if the ground is not yet levelled, then it would require additional steps from the contractor before proceeding to the deck installation. A multi-level deck, on the other hand, does not require levelling, making the project somehow more straightforward.

Great Visual Interest

Designing a multi-level deck can be complicated since contractors should consider the existing appearance of the properties. Nevertheless, a multi-level deck installation can be truly worthy of your money as it can give great visual interest to your home property. The integration of a multi-level deck on your home allows you to add more appealing designs to your stairs and railings. Your multi-level deck can likewise have window boxes for your lively native plants.

Smooth Transition

A multi-level deck does not only grant you additional outdoor spaces, but it can also provide a smooth transition between your home property and your backyard. Since your backyard is expected to possess a lot of lovely softscape and hardscape elements, the presence of a well-designed multi-level deck allows these elements to be featured greatly. The smooth transition between the home structure and the backyard can then be great in preserving and maintaining the value of the property.

To obtain a multi-level deck on your property, you can contact us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We deliver a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners depending on their preferences and needs.

A home property is recommended to be cleaned and maintained regularly so that its occupants can obtain long-lasting benefits. For one, doing these activities can ensure that theproperty will stay appealing and beautiful. Cleaning and maintaining the property can also help in retaining the intended functions and layout of its accompanying rooms and spaces. The safety and security of the occupants are also preserved if the property is cleaned and maintained all the time.

Despite the regular cleaning and maintenance of the property, it can still obtain damages that can only be resolved through repairs. Repair services, fortunately, can be offered by specialists that are trained and licensed in conducting them.

To date, there are two types of repairs that homeowners like you should know. These types are general and structural repairs. When choosing the best type of repair for your home, you must know their accompanying purposes and involved actions.

General Repairs

Over time, a property may obtain normal wear and tear, which then generates a series of broken elements and aesthetics issues. These elements include faulty doors, broken windows, dislodged cabinet hinges, damaged walls, detached bricks, and corroded roof parts. All these problems and issues can be effectively resolved through general repair services.

General repairs, after all, cover basic patch-ups of damaged or deteriorated parts of a property. They can likewise conduct replacements to property parts that have aged or have exceeded their lifespan. The services involved with this type of repair can be mostly resolved by using handheld tools.

As long as the damages or issues of your property can be seen visibly and can affect its overall appearance, then general repairs are typically recommended to resolve them. General repairs can also be acquired if you want to make some quick repairs on some parts of the property.

Structural Repairs

Some of the changes brought by the wear and tear of the property elements can be easily seen by anyone. Others, however, may be located on the property’s structural components such as walls, roof, and ceiling, which are mostly intended to support the overall structure of the property.

Without resolving the changes on the structural components of your property, they may gradually weaken the structure of your home. Once these components have fully deteriorated, then some parts of your property may suddenly collapse. Resolving these effects with structural repairs can ensure that your family and other people will be safe from any catastrophic events.

Structural repairs are far more complex than general repairs since they involve a complete or partial restoration or overhauling of the property. Additionally, the actions involved in structural repairs typically have the purpose of strengthening the structural integrity of the property.

To know more about these types of repairs, you can call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We deliver a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners depending on their preferences and needs. The experience that we have gained over our many years in business helps us address the needs of our clients in an ideal manner.

One great outdoor feature that a lot of property owners here in Australia maximise is the deck. A deck is a flat surface outdoor area that is primarily connected to a property. With some custom modifications from property owners, decks can easily add valuable and functional living spaces to numerous properties.

What is great about decks is that they can provide entertainment spaces for families and friends. These decks can also enhance the people’s health around them since they are exposed to beautiful outdoor surroundings and fun-filled activities, which can be good for both their physical and mental health. The value of the property is likewise improved by the decks due to the existence of lovely outdoor views.

Many materials can be maximised in constructing the decks. However, most decks are typically built out of timber. The following are some of the most popular timber decking materials in Australia.


One of the most renowned timber decking materials here in Australia is jarrah. It is a unique hardwood that is popular for its strength and resistance to fire, weather, and termites. This type of hardwood is also prevalent among property owners due to its majestic colours. Ranging from deep red to blonde, timbers out of this material can truly be a great addition to properties.


Blackbutt is another timber decking material that is typically chosen by property owners. This type of hardwood can be commonly found in New South Wales and southern Queensland and is distinguished by its gorgeous pale brown colour. Just like jarrah, blackbutt is also known for its fire resistance, making it suitable to properties that are near fire-prone areas. This material can be stained, painted, and polished.


Merbau is a type of hardwood that is cheaper compared to other materials. Despite its affordability, it still features characteristics that make it suitable for decking construction. One of its defining characteristics is that it can resist rot and termites. Another great characteristic of merbau is that it can be very durable. This material, however, has declined in numbers, making it somehow difficult to obtain.

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is a timber decking material that can also be maximised by property owners who are living near bushfire prone areas. This specific material is considered to be one of the most premium native hardwoods here in Australia, making it extremely compatible with most decking and other construction projects. Spotted gum is likewise attractive due to its back-sawn grain structure and vibrant colours.


The most notable timber decking material that property owners can utilise is ironbark. It is a type of premium native hardwood in Australia that has colours of pale brown to deep red, making it great for any property type and design. It is likewise notable for property owners due to its excellent density and heaviness. It can also resist fire, rot, and termites, allowing it to last for a very long time.

To find out more about decking and its common materials, you can contact us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

Normally, home properties are already filled with rooms and spaces that are appealing, functional, and valuable. From their living room down to their bedrooms, these spaces can surely cater to mostly all the needs of the people inside these properties.

But despite the presence of excellent indoor living spaces, some homeowners and their respective families still want to extend their living spaces beyond the four secluded corners of their properties. Fortunately, homeowners who have spacious vacant outdoor areas around their properties can conveniently convert them into beautiful multipurpose outdoor living spaces.

Here are some inspiring examples of outdoor living spaces that you may want to consider.

Timber Detached Covered Patio

Eating outside your home property can be a great way to appreciate your lovely surroundings. But if you want to go beyond outdoor dining, then you may want to cook your meals outside of your home as well. Integrating a detached covered patio right beside your property can be the perfect place for you to install a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining set, a porch swing, and even a rustic fireplace. With the use of high-quality native timber, your patio is expected to sustain its appearance for a long time.

Beachside Themed Pergola

Even if your home property is in a busy community, you can still incorporate an outdoor space that can bring the comfort of residing near a beach. A beachside themed pergola can be constructed alongside plants and trees that serve as the cooling agents of the place. The top portion of your pergola may be filled with multiple twigs, which can provide you not only shade but also cosy scenery under the sun. With this type of pergola, you can place an outdoor sofa set so that conversations would last longer.

Multipurpose Accessible Deck

To gain a more enjoyable afternoon after long hours of work, you may want to consider integrating a multipurpose accessible deck. Your deck may be built to face the lovely landscape elements of your backyard so that you can appreciate the view. Additionally, it can be connected to the living areas of your home for ease of accessibility. And for your deck to be certainly enjoyable without compromising privacy, you may want to include a trellis into your outdoor space.

Patio and Pergola Combo

Combining two or more outdoor spaces can also be done if you want to maximise their accompanying features and benefits. Patio and pergola have distinct characteristics that can truly provide great shade, privacy, and security to you and your family. Your pergola can be made from timber, which can match the surrounding vines and existing daylight. You can likewise place this outdoor living space combo alongside stone walls and built-in seating features.

If you want to know more about outdoor living spaces, you can contact us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We specialise in building construction & renovation. We deliver a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners based on their preferences and needs.

If you are currently planning on improving the outdoor space of your home property, then you have tons of options to choose from. You can integrate a swimming pool next to a beautiful pathway that is filled with native plants and trees. You can also opt for a patio and a deck to generate additional relaxing space. One more option that you can consider is the construction of a pergola.

Pergola as an Outdoor Feature

A pergola is an outdoor feature that can feature a shaded pathway, sitting area, and other useful living space. It is typically added to provide sufficient shade to the backyard space, minimising the effects of direct sun rays as well as maximising access to natural light.

Today, homeowners like you can now choose from a wide array of materials, designs, and styles to match a pergola with your existing property. Some materials that you can opt for your pergola include timberand vinyl. You must, however, take note of some benefits and limitations that are normally associated with owning a pergola.

Benefits of Owning a Pergola

Perhaps, one of the benefits of owning a pergola is that it allows you to obtain an additional outdoor living space for your property. The location of a pergola is often surrounded by beautiful scenery from your backyard. And if your property already has an existing beautiful landscape, then having a pergola can truly provide you with an excellent relaxing view after long hours of working. The existence of a pergola on your property can even give you a great place for an outdoor entertainment and dining area.

Another benefit of owning a pergola on your property is that it can give you ample weather protection. The option to add sufficient shade with your pergola allows you and your family to have breakfast or dinner outside even with rainy weather. Other activities such as BBQ parties and mini celebrations can also be done within the spaces of the pergola without worrying too much about weather elements.

And with the right materials, owning a pergola can enhance the value of your property as it is expected to last for a long time. Special types of timber can be used to create a pergola that is weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

Known Drawbacks of a Pergola

Even though a pergola can offer a lot of benefits to your property, you might still encounter some drawbacks when owning one.

One known drawback of a pergola is that it requires regular maintenance. All essential maintenance activities such as cleaning, treating, and repainting must be done to ensure that its structural elements will remain intact. Failure to maintain your pergola regularly may result in the formation of mould, mildew, and other damages that can affect its overall performance and functionality.

The appearance of your pergola may change over time, which can also be a limitation of owning this outdoor feature. The materials used on your pergola can determine its longevity. If you opt for a material that does not withstand the surrounding elements effectively, then your pergola can easily change in appearance in just a matter of few years.

To know more about pergolas, you can call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

The driveway of your home can provide tons of benefits. For one, it is essential for the smooth passage of vehicles. Additionally, it can set the default focal point for your property, ensuring that people from the outside can already develop some impression of the property’s interior before entering your home. 

Sometimes, homeowners do not pay too much attention to the overall design of their respective driveways. While it is understandable, planning for the general layout and design of your own driveway is still advised for the purpose of sustaining property value. Doing this can also help fulfil the general function and purpose of the driveway. It can even ensure the safety of the people on the property.

Some notable elements that you must consider when planning for your driveway are as follows:


One design element that you must consider thoroughly is the accessibility of your home’s driveway. Home driveways must be easy to use. They must also have the right dimensions that can accommodate the entry and exit of vehicles as well as their parking spaces. For your driveway, you must consider the space needed for the parking and pathways of your vehicles. You must likewise consider the parking spaces of your visitors’ vehicles. Aside from parking spaces, you may also want to take note of and accommodate additional bicycles, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation that you own.


Another element that you must consider when planning for your home’s driveway is its appearance. The appearance of your driveway should complement whatever design and style that your home property already has. If your home has a traditional vibe and style, then you may want to opt for a driveway that maximises bricks and timber beams. You can likewise add asphalt that looks like gravel to make your driveway exude rustic characteristic. Alternatively, if you want to add more landscape features alongside your driveway, then you may want to opt for natural materials that can be used on both features. 


No matter what type of material you use, your driveway can still be damaged by water if it constantly shows up and accumulates. Fortunately, the build-up and pooling of water on its surface can be prevented with proper planning for drainage. The drainage of the driveway is possible by sloping its surface subtly away from your property. The sloping of your driveway can help in draining off water build-up into the predetermined locations and drainage areas.


Driveways must not only be safe for vehicles, but they must also be safe for pedestrians. For your driveway, you may want to integrate some effective light fittings to ensure every important area will be illuminated. Additionally, visual barriers must all be accounted for during the design planning of the driveway to effectively allow vehicles to pull in and out without causing property damages and injuries.

For more information about driveways, feel free to reach us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

Home properties require regular cleaning so that they can sustain optimal looks and appearance all the time. They likewise need to be assessed consistently to effectively pinpoint and locate any issues or problems that must be addressed right away.

These two things are only some of the activities that are needed to be done during home maintenance. Home maintenance ensures that all aspects of home properties will be in pristine condition. If some things are needed to be added, fixed, or replaced, then homeowners would want to hire a reputable contractor that can conduct such works effectively. Calling for a professional makes sure that all the money allocated for the maintenance works will be spent correctly.

Regular home maintenance can certainly help your home property obtain substantial benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for regular home maintenance.

Strengthen Security and Safety

Most homeowners might think that home maintenance is primarily intended as the main way of preserving the appearance of their properties. However, this specific activity can also be useful for strengthening the security and safety of their homes. Burglary incidents are typically caused by faulty security systems, doors, and windows. And while they can be detected and replaced easily, the lack of regular home maintenance prevents homeowners from deterring security issues and substantial property damages. 

Aside from security lapses, the lack of regular home maintenance can also lead to the growth of mould and other particles that can be damaging to the structural components of the house. Through regular home maintenance, the structural integrity of your property will be preserved effectively.

Regulate Energy Consumption

Another reason why you should go for regular home maintenance is that it can help you reduce and regulate your home’s energy consumption.

Several factors can affect the energy use of your property. One of these factors would be the quantity of appliances and devices that are being used by your family. Another factor would be their total usage every day. One more factor that can affect your energy use is the condition of your doors and windows. These fittings can easily affect your energy usage once they have become damaged. With regular home maintenance, they can be checked right away for any gaps, cracks, and other issues.

Increase the Total Home Value

One more reason why you should opt for regular home maintenance is that it can effectively increase your home value. The value of your property increases significantly once its main structural components and other supplementing parts are assessed, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Homebuyers in the future often choose properties that do not require expensive repairs and overhauls. They, alternatively, want home properties that only need some fine adjustments to their likings.

To acquire quality home maintenance works for your property, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We specialise in building construction & renovation. We deliver a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners depending on their preferences and needs. The experience that we have gained over our many years in business helps us address the needs of our clients in an ideal manner.

Decks are one of the outdoor features that can be integrated with home properties. They are generally elevated surfaces that can be constructed out of timber, metal, and other durable materials and are directly connected to the properties. These structures are typically enclosed with a railing and can be accessed through doors or stairways. They can also be covered by a pergola for sunlight protection.

What is great about decks is that they can enhance the overall exterior appeal of home properties, especially if they feature furniture pieces, fittings, and greeneries that can be converted into beneficial outdoor living spaces. And speaking of these spaces, decks can also benefit homeowners as they can be used as the primary location for family get-togethers and parties. Ultimately, the addition of a deck to home properties can effectively increase their overall value.

All these features and benefits, however, can only be achieved with reputable contractors. If you opt for an inexperienced contractor, then they might generate the following deck building mistakes.

Failure to Install Handrails

Decks are often constructed with a railing for security purposes. If your deck does not have any handrails or other protective fittings, then it can cause some serious safety concerns throughout its service life. Without any handrails, some of your family members might end up falling and obtaining some injuries. To keep your deck safe, you must have a reputable contractor install a safety railing.

Using Incorrect Fasteners

Another common mistake that inexperienced contractors may commit is the use of wrong fasteners. When it comes to the installation of a deck, it would be much safer and useful if it has the correct fasteners. Hardware components that do not boast the correct size will only weaken the structure of the deck. Additionally, those that cannot resist corrosion may compromise the strength of the deck.

Lack of Rainproof Coating

Decks are outdoor features that are often exposed to rainfall and other weather elements. Without any appropriate coating, the materials and components of the deck can deteriorate and lose their useful qualities. Experienced contractors would often apply the appropriate waterproof coating for these parts. Alternatively, those that lack adequate experience might either delay or skip the coating of the deck. 

Inappropriate Post Footers

The support posts of the deck can stabilise the whole deck. Ideally, these posts must be installed on a stable ground wherein deck post footers are located. With inexperienced contractors, the post footers might be installed in unstable and disturbed soil. These footers might also be installed below the minimum elevation, which would only weaken them in the long run.

Blocking Service Access

One more mistake that inexperienced contractors tend to do is to block the egress of service access. While your deck can already boost the value of your property, it may also affect your services if some of its parts have blocked the water faucets, air conditioning units, and other exterior outlets. Before the installation of the deck, these services must be relocated first. To avoid obtaining these deck installation mistakes, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

Most home properties today already have excellent features that can help boost their overall value, function, and appearance. Most of their rooms and internal spaces are guaranteed to have excellent design and style that are paired with functional elements and fittings. Some of them may have already been renovated just to cater to the current needs of property owners and their respective families.

But when it comes to the curb appeal of home properties, owners must invest a lot more than the usual plain lawn in the backyard. There might be some property owners who are already contented with a plain backyard. Others, however, want to fully maximise their available outdoor space.

Fortunately, two outdoor features can be integrated into home properties. These features are the gazebo and the deck.

A General Overview of Gazebo and Deck

A gazebo is an open pavilion structure that can be constructed with a wide array of materials such as wood and metal. This specific outdoor feature may have built-in seating or not. Alternatively, it can boast outdoor curtains or drapes to provide an option for privacy or enclosure. Traditionally, the general design of a gazebo is circular. But nowadays, a gazebo can boast different shapes and styles. 

What is great about a gazebo is that it often boasts a roof for added protection against elements. It can also maximise concrete or pavers as its main type of flooring.

Another flooring that a gazebo can have is the deck. A deck is an outdoor floor structure that can be connected to a building or property. This specific structure can be used in covering up a sloped yard. But most of the time, a deck is utilised to provide additional outdoor entertaining space for a property. A deck is typically made from wood. However, it can now be made of composite and plastic.

Gazebo and Deck are Worth Combining

Shade can be truly significant for property owners. If you are one of these property owners, then you may need to cover your deck with another outdoor feature. Fortunately, a gazebo and deck combo can work effectively due to their styling possibilities.

Through selecting the right materials, design, styles, and other elements, both gazebo and deck can be combined in the best way possible. Both these features can take advantage of the same natural wood materials, which are known for their durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. And since the gazebo naturally utilises a roof for protection, it can easily provide a cover and shade for the deck structure.

Once both gazebo and deck are constructed, beautiful plants can now be installed on these outdoor structures. These structures can also be filled with outdoor furniture pieces that can be perfect for outdoor dining. Cosy sofas can likewise be integrated so that property owners and their respective families and guests can enjoy the surrounding view. And to make everything pleasant to the eyes, property owners can incorporate light fittings that can illuminate the place perfectly during night-time.

Acquire Gazebo and Deck Combo Today

To acquire a gazebo and deck combo today, feel free to reach us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We deliver a wide variety of quality home improvement and construction services to property owners. We also specialise in single and multi-level deck installation.