If you are currently planning on improving the outdoor space of your home property, then you have tons of options to choose from. You can integrate a swimming pool next to a beautiful pathway that is filled with native plants and trees. You can also opt for a patio and a deck to generate additional relaxing space. One more option that you can consider is the construction of a pergola.

Pergola as an Outdoor Feature

A pergola is an outdoor feature that can feature a shaded pathway, sitting area, and other useful living space. It is typically added to provide sufficient shade to the backyard space, minimising the effects of direct sun rays as well as maximising access to natural light.

Today, homeowners like you can now choose from a wide array of materials, designs, and styles to match a pergola with your existing property. Some materials that you can opt for your pergola include timberand vinyl. You must, however, take note of some benefits and limitations that are normally associated with owning a pergola.

Benefits of Owning a Pergola

Perhaps, one of the benefits of owning a pergola is that it allows you to obtain an additional outdoor living space for your property. The location of a pergola is often surrounded by beautiful scenery from your backyard. And if your property already has an existing beautiful landscape, then having a pergola can truly provide you with an excellent relaxing view after long hours of working. The existence of a pergola on your property can even give you a great place for an outdoor entertainment and dining area.

Another benefit of owning a pergola on your property is that it can give you ample weather protection. The option to add sufficient shade with your pergola allows you and your family to have breakfast or dinner outside even with rainy weather. Other activities such as BBQ parties and mini celebrations can also be done within the spaces of the pergola without worrying too much about weather elements.

And with the right materials, owning a pergola can enhance the value of your property as it is expected to last for a long time. Special types of timber can be used to create a pergola that is weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

Known Drawbacks of a Pergola

Even though a pergola can offer a lot of benefits to your property, you might still encounter some drawbacks when owning one.

One known drawback of a pergola is that it requires regular maintenance. All essential maintenance activities such as cleaning, treating, and repainting must be done to ensure that its structural elements will remain intact. Failure to maintain your pergola regularly may result in the formation of mould, mildew, and other damages that can affect its overall performance and functionality.

The appearance of your pergola may change over time, which can also be a limitation of owning this outdoor feature. The materials used on your pergola can determine its longevity. If you opt for a material that does not withstand the surrounding elements effectively, then your pergola can easily change in appearance in just a matter of few years.

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The driveway of your home can provide tons of benefits. For one, it is essential for the smooth passage of vehicles. Additionally, it can set the default focal point for your property, ensuring that people from the outside can already develop some impression of the property’s interior before entering your home. 

Sometimes, homeowners do not pay too much attention to the overall design of their respective driveways. While it is understandable, planning for the general layout and design of your own driveway is still advised for the purpose of sustaining property value. Doing this can also help fulfil the general function and purpose of the driveway. It can even ensure the safety of the people on the property.

Some notable elements that you must consider when planning for your driveway are as follows:


One design element that you must consider thoroughly is the accessibility of your home’s driveway. Home driveways must be easy to use. They must also have the right dimensions that can accommodate the entry and exit of vehicles as well as their parking spaces. For your driveway, you must consider the space needed for the parking and pathways of your vehicles. You must likewise consider the parking spaces of your visitors’ vehicles. Aside from parking spaces, you may also want to take note of and accommodate additional bicycles, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation that you own.


Another element that you must consider when planning for your home’s driveway is its appearance. The appearance of your driveway should complement whatever design and style that your home property already has. If your home has a traditional vibe and style, then you may want to opt for a driveway that maximises bricks and timber beams. You can likewise add asphalt that looks like gravel to make your driveway exude rustic characteristic. Alternatively, if you want to add more landscape features alongside your driveway, then you may want to opt for natural materials that can be used on both features. 


No matter what type of material you use, your driveway can still be damaged by water if it constantly shows up and accumulates. Fortunately, the build-up and pooling of water on its surface can be prevented with proper planning for drainage. The drainage of the driveway is possible by sloping its surface subtly away from your property. The sloping of your driveway can help in draining off water build-up into the predetermined locations and drainage areas.


Driveways must not only be safe for vehicles, but they must also be safe for pedestrians. For your driveway, you may want to integrate some effective light fittings to ensure every important area will be illuminated. Additionally, visual barriers must all be accounted for during the design planning of the driveway to effectively allow vehicles to pull in and out without causing property damages and injuries.

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Home properties require regular cleaning so that they can sustain optimal looks and appearance all the time. They likewise need to be assessed consistently to effectively pinpoint and locate any issues or problems that must be addressed right away.

These two things are only some of the activities that are needed to be done during home maintenance. Home maintenance ensures that all aspects of home properties will be in pristine condition. If some things are needed to be added, fixed, or replaced, then homeowners would want to hire a reputable contractor that can conduct such works effectively. Calling for a professional makes sure that all the money allocated for the maintenance works will be spent correctly.

Regular home maintenance can certainly help your home property obtain substantial benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for regular home maintenance.

Strengthen Security and Safety

Most homeowners might think that home maintenance is primarily intended as the main way of preserving the appearance of their properties. However, this specific activity can also be useful for strengthening the security and safety of their homes. Burglary incidents are typically caused by faulty security systems, doors, and windows. And while they can be detected and replaced easily, the lack of regular home maintenance prevents homeowners from deterring security issues and substantial property damages. 

Aside from security lapses, the lack of regular home maintenance can also lead to the growth of mould and other particles that can be damaging to the structural components of the house. Through regular home maintenance, the structural integrity of your property will be preserved effectively.

Regulate Energy Consumption

Another reason why you should go for regular home maintenance is that it can help you reduce and regulate your home’s energy consumption.

Several factors can affect the energy use of your property. One of these factors would be the quantity of appliances and devices that are being used by your family. Another factor would be their total usage every day. One more factor that can affect your energy use is the condition of your doors and windows. These fittings can easily affect your energy usage once they have become damaged. With regular home maintenance, they can be checked right away for any gaps, cracks, and other issues.

Increase the Total Home Value

One more reason why you should opt for regular home maintenance is that it can effectively increase your home value. The value of your property increases significantly once its main structural components and other supplementing parts are assessed, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Homebuyers in the future often choose properties that do not require expensive repairs and overhauls. They, alternatively, want home properties that only need some fine adjustments to their likings.

To acquire quality home maintenance works for your property, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We specialise in building construction & renovation. We deliver a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners depending on their preferences and needs. The experience that we have gained over our many years in business helps us address the needs of our clients in an ideal manner.

Decks are one of the outdoor features that can be integrated with home properties. They are generally elevated surfaces that can be constructed out of timber, metal, and other durable materials and are directly connected to the properties. These structures are typically enclosed with a railing and can be accessed through doors or stairways. They can also be covered by a pergola for sunlight protection.

What is great about decks is that they can enhance the overall exterior appeal of home properties, especially if they feature furniture pieces, fittings, and greeneries that can be converted into beneficial outdoor living spaces. And speaking of these spaces, decks can also benefit homeowners as they can be used as the primary location for family get-togethers and parties. Ultimately, the addition of a deck to home properties can effectively increase their overall value.

All these features and benefits, however, can only be achieved with reputable contractors. If you opt for an inexperienced contractor, then they might generate the following deck building mistakes.

Failure to Install Handrails

Decks are often constructed with a railing for security purposes. If your deck does not have any handrails or other protective fittings, then it can cause some serious safety concerns throughout its service life. Without any handrails, some of your family members might end up falling and obtaining some injuries. To keep your deck safe, you must have a reputable contractor install a safety railing.

Using Incorrect Fasteners

Another common mistake that inexperienced contractors may commit is the use of wrong fasteners. When it comes to the installation of a deck, it would be much safer and useful if it has the correct fasteners. Hardware components that do not boast the correct size will only weaken the structure of the deck. Additionally, those that cannot resist corrosion may compromise the strength of the deck.

Lack of Rainproof Coating

Decks are outdoor features that are often exposed to rainfall and other weather elements. Without any appropriate coating, the materials and components of the deck can deteriorate and lose their useful qualities. Experienced contractors would often apply the appropriate waterproof coating for these parts. Alternatively, those that lack adequate experience might either delay or skip the coating of the deck. 

Inappropriate Post Footers

The support posts of the deck can stabilise the whole deck. Ideally, these posts must be installed on a stable ground wherein deck post footers are located. With inexperienced contractors, the post footers might be installed in unstable and disturbed soil. These footers might also be installed below the minimum elevation, which would only weaken them in the long run.

Blocking Service Access

One more mistake that inexperienced contractors tend to do is to block the egress of service access. While your deck can already boost the value of your property, it may also affect your services if some of its parts have blocked the water faucets, air conditioning units, and other exterior outlets. Before the installation of the deck, these services must be relocated first. To avoid obtaining these deck installation mistakes, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

Most home properties today already have excellent features that can help boost their overall value, function, and appearance. Most of their rooms and internal spaces are guaranteed to have excellent design and style that are paired with functional elements and fittings. Some of them may have already been renovated just to cater to the current needs of property owners and their respective families.

But when it comes to the curb appeal of home properties, owners must invest a lot more than the usual plain lawn in the backyard. There might be some property owners who are already contented with a plain backyard. Others, however, want to fully maximise their available outdoor space.

Fortunately, two outdoor features can be integrated into home properties. These features are the gazebo and the deck.

A General Overview of Gazebo and Deck

A gazebo is an open pavilion structure that can be constructed with a wide array of materials such as wood and metal. This specific outdoor feature may have built-in seating or not. Alternatively, it can boast outdoor curtains or drapes to provide an option for privacy or enclosure. Traditionally, the general design of a gazebo is circular. But nowadays, a gazebo can boast different shapes and styles. 

What is great about a gazebo is that it often boasts a roof for added protection against elements. It can also maximise concrete or pavers as its main type of flooring.

Another flooring that a gazebo can have is the deck. A deck is an outdoor floor structure that can be connected to a building or property. This specific structure can be used in covering up a sloped yard. But most of the time, a deck is utilised to provide additional outdoor entertaining space for a property. A deck is typically made from wood. However, it can now be made of composite and plastic.

Gazebo and Deck are Worth Combining

Shade can be truly significant for property owners. If you are one of these property owners, then you may need to cover your deck with another outdoor feature. Fortunately, a gazebo and deck combo can work effectively due to their styling possibilities.

Through selecting the right materials, design, styles, and other elements, both gazebo and deck can be combined in the best way possible. Both these features can take advantage of the same natural wood materials, which are known for their durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. And since the gazebo naturally utilises a roof for protection, it can easily provide a cover and shade for the deck structure.

Once both gazebo and deck are constructed, beautiful plants can now be installed on these outdoor structures. These structures can also be filled with outdoor furniture pieces that can be perfect for outdoor dining. Cosy sofas can likewise be integrated so that property owners and their respective families and guests can enjoy the surrounding view. And to make everything pleasant to the eyes, property owners can incorporate light fittings that can illuminate the place perfectly during night-time.

Acquire Gazebo and Deck Combo Today

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The overall design and appearance of bathrooms can effectively change the value of a property. If a bathroom rocks a modern yet sophisticated look, then it will surely increase a home’s value by a significant amount. The same thing may happen if the bathroom will possess a classic appearance.

Changes in the design and appearance of a bathroom can often be implemented through bathroom remodelling, which can be carried out by professional contractors. But before anything else, homeowners like you should evaluate first the amount of money that you are willing to spend to achieve your desired bathroom. You must likewise check the condition of your plumbing systems. And to ensure the success of the project, you must hire a contractor that is reputable, experienced, and offers excellent services.

After considering these elements, it would be the best time for you to consider the design elements of your bathroom. Here are five design elements that you must consider for your bathroom remodel.

  1. Slip-Resistant Floors

Given that your bathroom will be frequently exposed to water, it must have a flooring that can prevent accidents from happening. When picking the floor type of your bathroom, you must opt for one that is slip-resistant. Small tiles and wide grout lines are often considered by many when it comes to securing slip-resistant flooring given that they can generate enough friction to resist any slipping accidents.

Once you have decided about your floor, it is time for you to consider your bathroom walls. The walls of your bathroom can be made from different materials. They may even come in a wide array of finishes, colours, and other qualities. Typically, tiles are great for walls given that they can resist the effects of moisture. Alternatively, high-quality paint can be used to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Bathrooms are often filled with products that are needed for bath and other personal care. And most of the time, these products are stored right on top of countertops as well as on the cabinets. Since these products mostly have chemicals, the countertops must be able to withstand them easily. Cleaning and maintenance of countertops must likewise be easy to preserve the pristine looks of the bathroom.

As mentioned, cabinets play a huge role in bathrooms since they can store valuable products. They can likewise house mirrors and other useful items for personal care purposes. With the moist environment of the bathroom, your cabinets should be made from materials that can function optimally under the stated condition. They can likewise possess delicate craftsmanship that can make them appealing to the eyes.

One more element to consider when planning for your bathroom is the lighting combination. If you want to save a lot of energy, you may want to integrate LED lights in your bathroom. Additionally, you can pair them to natural light, which can be obtained if you will be positioning your windows strategically. Task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting must be combined optimally to produce a lively bathroom.

If you need help with bathroom remodelling, just give us a call at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.

The presence of above ground swimming pools on home properties can bring many benefits to homeowners. For one, these pools can provide a lot of customisation options to homeowners given that they can be made from various shapes, sizes, and materials. They can also save tons of time and money. Maintenance is also easier with above ground swimming pools compared to other types of pools.

And one element that could complement the above ground swimming pools and amplify their benefits is timber decking. Timber decking is a type of material that can be maximised in building outdoor decks and patios. Since swimming pools can be paired with decks, timber decking can guarantee a significant boost in terms of the pools’ overall appearance and functionalities.

Here are some of the notable benefits of timber decks that owners of above ground swimming pools can maximise and enjoy.

Natural Appearance

One of the most notable benefits of timber decks that can be great for above ground swimming pools is their beautiful natural appearance. Timber decks do not need additional decoration and enhancements just to make them look attractive, which cannot be said to other materials like plastic or metal. Timber decks simply have a stylish and warm look that can make the pool look even more vibrant and attractive. 

Praised Versatility

Another great benefit of timber decks that can be advantageous for pool owners is that they can be versatile. Timber decks may already have natural looks, but they can still be modified just to fit the needs of owners. Pool owners have the option to have the timber decks stained with various colours. They can likewise subject timber decks to finishes that would enhance their textures and styles. Even the shapes and layout of the timber decks can be modified to match the looks of the pool.

Renowned Durability

Despiteits great looks, the appearance of a specific material will be for naught if it will just fade and get damaged by elements. Fortunately, timber decking has a solid structure that makes it strong and durable. Even with heavy furniture pieces and other objects, the timber decking materials that are surrounding the pool can easily withstand their weight without any difficulties. With this benefit, timber decks are expected to last for a long time without sustaining major changes in their appearance.

Ease of Maintenance

One more great benefit of timber decks for above ground swimming pools is that they can be maintained easily. The strong and durable nature of timber decks allows them to withstand damages from various outdoor elements. With the right set of coating and adequate shade, timber decks can somehow resist elements such as heat and moisture. And since they can stay intact even with the existence of elements, cleaning and maintaining them will be much easier through polishing them once or twice a year.

If you want to know more about timber decking, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We specialise in single and multi-level deck installation. We also deliver a wide variety of quality home improvement and construction services to property owners.

A pergola creates visual interest, particularly if you have flowering and fragrant vines growing up and over the rafters and down the vertical posts. You can also dress up a pergola by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters. Draping all-weather fabrics from one vertical post to another adds a soft flowing effect and a romantic appeal to your landscape while providing even more protection from the elements, a definite advantage over an open patio.

A pergola’s job is to create a space for open-air living and to commend your home or garden with an architecturally slick and beautiful feature. Today’s pergolas are all-around-assembled, strong, and noteworthy constructions that can incorporate covers or retractable canopies to offer sun and rain insurance.

Free-Standing Pergola

Adding a pergola maximizes your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture that is somewhat protected from the elements, particularly if one wall of the structure is attached to your home or an outbuilding. This creates a windbreak and shelter from the rain. A freestanding pergola can still afford you the same benefit by building it in a protected area, an advantage over a patio that can’t be moved.

Pergola with a Canopy

Pergolas address all of the same advantages that patio covers do however acquaint not many key fixings with the blend – ambience and style. While these shade designs can also hold all the accessories you need to enhance your outside space, they convey on a tasteful level in a way a patio cover just cannot. Pergolas may also integrate well with your garden – many pergola proprietors like to develop plant plants and blossoms on their pergola to add to their already great look and style.

Pergola Extension

It’s regular for mortgage holders to utilize pergolas as a basic however appealing way to create an open-air expansion of their living space. On the off chance that this is your goal, choose a plan and material that will supplement the outside of your home, and have the pergola attached (or placed exceptionally near) your home for a seamless transition from inside the home to a dazzling open-air patio. For those hoping to retreat to the shade, pergolas can also work with UV-resistant, retractable canopies, furnishing you with the alternative of enjoying the sun or discovering some shade. A pergola can also be furnished with curtains, allowing you to grab a touch of privacy at whatever point you want and adding an unmistakable dash of style to a setting. Overall, a pergola creates a considerably more different and free-streaming space regarding look and vibe, while also conveying all the advantages of a patio cover.

A multilevel deck permits you to make isolated outside amusement zones. You could put an outside kitchen, for example, on the first floor with a flight of stairs to an upper deck where the perspective on the nightfall is better.

Various zones mean you can accomplish more with your outside space, which supports the functionality of the whole deck. You could have a bigger get-together, eating in a ground-level open-air lounge area while the children play on a subsequent level and companions have a peaceful talk on a waist.

While homes with more modest terraces may just need one deck and porch zone, if you have space, the pattern is to fabricate a rambling, staggered deck. Each level is utilized for an alternate reason; on a solitary level deck, a barbecuing region, an eating zone, and a spot to visit with loved ones are completely confined into a similar space.

Multi-Level Decking Options Perfect for Your Autumn- Inspired Outdoor Area

For bigger social events, visitors may wind up pouring out onto your grass, with few spots to sit. This is the place where a staggered deck proves to be useful. In various level deck plans, each level can have a particular reason. Most generally, the principal level, the one nearest to the house, is held for outside flame broiling and eating.

The following level commonly is utilized as a private engaging zone, similar to an outside lounge. Beneath that, on a third level, maybe a hot tub or fire pit zone. Regardless of whether each level is just down a stage or two, they can feel like altogether various rooms.

As well as having different regions to utilize outside, a staggered deck is raised, giving stockpiling underneath the deck, or even an optional porch region that is “screened” in by the top deck.

Two-Level Deck Overlooking a Pool

This extraordinary arrangement of decks is sufficiently high to watch out for absurd pool and the forested land past the lawn’s fence. The top-level is a feasting territory, with an optional table and seats on the level underneath.

Two-Level Deck and Patio Area

The base level of this deck is associated with the home, while the top sits at eye level with one of the inside windows and fills in as an eating region. The home leads out onto the top level of this extensive deck. The side of the lower level is separated by plant-covered latticed screens.

Staggered Deck with Spiral Staircases

This mind-blowing deck has a few levels that are associated with each other through flimsy walkways and shocking twisting flights of stairs. The mortgage holders can go starting from the earliest stage to the upper floor’s gallery while never venturing foot inside the home.

Staggered Deck with Two Staircases

Contingent upon where your visitors need to be, they can take one of the two arrangements of steps falling off this deck. One set is corner to corner and prompts the front yard, while different leads straightforwardly down to the pool.

Kitchens remain the most notable room in the house to renovate. It’s a troublesome task, both as far as cost and renovation scale. However, since they are considered as the heart of every home, renovations significantly increase the resale value of the property. With the right strategy and budget planning, below are ways on how you can increase your home value with a newly renovated kitchen by Prestige Construction and Design.

Budget Planning

As you approach planning the newly renovated kitchen, be reasonable about the cost. Tremendous renovation can end up taking additional time and cash than you plan for, so it’s a smart idea to concentrate on a financial plan along with your maximum spending limit to guarantee there are additional assets if your task goes over budget. A fair general rule is to add another 10 to 20 per cent for unplanned expenses. The more cash related plans you have, the better. This would avoid a kitchen renovation that is regrettable or ending up with a half-finished kitchen because you came up short on cash.

Do Some Research

Visit kitchen showrooms and home stores to estimate the cost of things, and afterwards calculate what you need and what you can afford. Heading off to a showroom is not advisable these days but you could often look it up online. Browsing through websites is a technique to interface with various property holders and watch their kitchen formats and renovations.

Consider “Concealed” Costs

Make sure to factor in the cost of work and materials, don’t forget to assess any transportation or conveyance costs that may come up. These can incorporate rapidly, so it’s imperative to consider when you’re setting the spending plan. Additionally, consider if there are any renovations that you could perform yourself. Regardless, taking on just two or three tasks can spare you a ton of cash.

Planning a Kitchen Layout

Consider the individuals who generally work in the kitchen simultaneously. If there are many, you should join more than one workstation. Or then again, if there’s adequate space, consider including an island or purchase a wheeled truck that can be moved around the room and put aside when not being utilised.

Kitchen Space Planning

A reputable renovation contractor can assist you with ensuring that the kitchen is spacey to guarantee adequate areas and free-flowing movement.

Last Considerations Before Renovation

Welcome your contractor into your home to talk about the sum of your expectations and necessities for your kitchen renovation. This will help finalise your kitchen renovation with the end goal that will guarantee an increase in home value for you and your family. Make sure to adhere to your plan, and don’t get too excited or let yourself get talked into things you don’t need or need.