If you are planning to use up your backyard space into a useful space, try building a granny flat to increase your living space.Gone are the days when backyards are just about a landscape of plants, concrete accent walls, and a swimming pool. Adding an extra dwelling is now the new trend for homeowners with different purposes in mind. In this blog, we highlight the three advantages of adding a granny flat to your backyard.

Can Add Extra Room Space

One of the advantages of adding a granny flat to your backyard is it provides extra accommodation for your family, especially for elderly parents. You can also convert it to its other uses, like for a home office when you are working from home or a guest house to accommodate a vacationing relative or a visiting friend. A granny flat is a very useful addition to your backyard, it is just up to you how you maximise them.

Earn Extra Income

One advantage of adding a granny flat to your backyard is they can help you earn extra income by renting it out to tourists via Airbnb. Adding a granny flat does not have to be limited to just another extra room or office space. You can make the most of this extra space by finding a way to maximise the return of your capital.

Can Bring a Great Increase to Your Property Value

Adding a granny flat can add value to your property. The extra room space can boost the value of your property and when the time comes that you decide the sell it or rent it out, you can be assured that there is a significant improvement in the capital value of your home. An additional structure like a granny flat is more attractive for buyers and is a sure way to increase your return on investment.

When building your granny flat, you must look for a builder that can work with your budget without compromising the quality of your granny flat. If you are looking for a granny flat builder that has proven experience in building and improving homes. Add a granny flat to your backyard now and talk to our team at Prestige Construction & Design Sydney. At Prestige Construction & Design Sydney, we specialise in building construction and renovation. We deliver a variety of delivering a wide variety of construction services and home improvement to property owners depending on their preferences and needs. If you live in any of the Sydney areas of Australia, you can rely on us for your home construction and renovation to ensure that you can have a durable, eye-catching granny flat.

Just like in any other type of work, defects are sometimes inevitable. But it can be remedied depending on if the defect is included in the building contract and if in such contract, remedial works are one of the written stipulations of the building contract. As one of the most common areas of building construction disputes, it is very important that you fully understand the essence of remedial works in home construction before signing a building contract with your prospective building contractor.

Building Contractor Will Have to Rectify the Problem

If a defect occurs, the building contractor will have to rectify the problem. The essence of remedial work in home construction is for the defects to be rectified by the contractor. The building contractor must undertake repairs to fix the defective element. If a contractor refuses to fix the defect and carry out the remedial work, the homeowner may opt to make the building contractor pay for the remedial works or ask the latter to reimburse what had been paid to the other contractor who performed the remedial work.

Remedial Works are Necessary to Patch Up a Construction Defect

In-home construction, if upon completion and construction work turned out to be not conforming to the initial specification and construction plan, remedial works shall be necessary to patch up the construction defect. However, the remedial works to be done must be within the required scope of the home construction contract initially entered into by both parties.

Cure Defects and Conform It to the Original Construction Plan

Your home construction builder must cure the defects and conform them to the original construction plan. Rectification is the very essence of remedial works in home construction. That is why remediation is easily resorted to when defects become apparent. The homeowner may not necessarily employ the original contractor to do the remedial work, other contractors may undertake the remedial work, but the homeowner may claim damages and recover the cost paid from the original contractor.

Required for A Project to Meet Regulatory and Environmental Requirements

Remedial works usually include the replacement, correction, and abatement of a building’s structure to comply with the required building standards and likewise meet with the regulatory and environmental requirements. It involves a process where the totality of the home construction project is revisited to check if there are building conditions and standards that were violated and for it to be corrected and conform to the required building standards.

If you need remedial work for your home, let us do the remedial work for you. At Prestige Construction and Design Sydney, we offer a wide assortment of services to our clients, including remedial works. If you will be partnering with us, we vow to provide you with a quality service and a high return on your investment.

We all know that every property has different needs, and the responsibility for maintenance and repairs is all on the shoulders of the property manager. Property managers and even owners have a lot of responsibilities to handle in making sure that the business is running smoothly. Property managers must handle the finances, staff management, and keeping all the buildings well maintained.Juggling this might be too much work for a property manager. As we all know, the latter responsibility can only be best left to maintenance professionals. A property manager should hire the right company to keep the property in top shape and this must be a top priority for every building owner. Here are the 5 reasons why property managers need to hire the right company for building maintenance.

All Facility Needs Will Be Taken Care Of

One reason why property managers need to hire the right company for building maintenance repairs is that facility maintenance companies make sure that all the facility needs will be taken care of. Important things such as the inspection of a structure and what needs to be repaired or replaced can be done before any major problems or accidents occur.

Emergency Situations Will be Addressed Immediately

One more reason that is equally important why property managers need to hire the right company for building maintenance and repairs is when emergencies suddenly happen unexpectedly, you can ensure that it can be addressed immediately because you have people to help you mitigate the damage and fix it right after.

Lessen Stress About Maintenance Operations

With a lot of things to think about concerning the business, property managers need to hire the right company to handle all the building maintenance and repairs to lessen the stress about the maintenance operations.

Ensure Work Efficiency

Property maintenance companies are mostly operating for so many years which makes them gain an extensive experience in the building maintenance industry. Hiring the right company for building maintenance and repairs means you are in good hands and no need to worry about the maintenance and repair matters because ensures work efficiency.

Great Value for Money

You won’t have to hire a lot of people to do the maintenance and repair for your building. Hiring the right company is a great value for your money because, with just the right people from the right company, you can already ensure that all maintenance and repair will be handled well.

A property manager needs to consider all these things and understand why it is high time that you need the right property maintenance company to handle the building maintenance and repair.  At Prestige Construction & Design, we commit to meeting your maintenance needs. If you are looking for a property maintenance company in Sydney that offers a wide assortment of services especially building maintenance services, Prestige Construction & Design is just the right company for you.

The addition of a granny flat or “in-laws home” to your current residence can provide living accommodations for grandparents or other older relatives, nannies or housekeepers. These convenient living spaces can also provide guest accommodations for your visiting family members and friends.

Yet before you make definite plans to build a granny flat adjoining your home, there are specific aspects of this project to consider. You want to ensure that using the area of your property where you plan to construct this additional living space will not prevent you from adding other needed construction to your home later on.

Major Factors to Consider Before Adding a Granny Flat to Your Vacant Space

Important factors to consider before you add a granny flat to vacant space on your home property include the following:

1. Construction Budget.
Before finalising plans to add a granny flat to your home property, understand the costs of this addition. If the complete building and finishing costs of this construction project fit easily into your current spending budget, you can proceed with your plans to build. However, realise that adding rooms to your home will increase your energy costs and require extra upkeep and maintenance. The cost of your home insurance coverage may also change once you have added a separate apartment to your home.

2. Experienced Contractor.
Hire a highly experienced and respected contractor for building your new home addition. A contractor who is accustomed to adding apartments to current homes can easily obtain the necessary building permits for you. This contractor will also have experienced plumbers and electricians for hooking up the necessary water lines, drains and electrical connections for your granny flat to the ones that you currently have for your home.

3. Maintenance Costs. Once our granny flat is completed, you will have additional ongoing maintenance costs for this added living space. You may need to pay for cleaning services, occasional repair services, lawn mowing and landscaping, gutter cleaning and other services. If a parent or other older relative moves into this new living space, you will most likely also need to buy replacement appliances and other household equipment for your granny flat periodically.

4. Higher Utility Bills. If the new resident of your granny flat is a parent, grandparent or senior relative, you may need to cover the extra cost of their utility bills. The costs of quality HVAC services can be higher than you expect, especially if you live in a locale where extreme temperatures can be common at certain times of the year.

By consulting our experts at Prestige Construction and Design located in Roseville, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice, designs and construction services for adding an attractive and practical granny flat to your home property. Our experienced design and building team will guide you in selecting the ideal design for this new addition to your home. They will ensure that your new “in-laws apartment” completely satisfies and even surpasses your desires, expectations and needs.

There are several procedures that prospective homeowners need to consider when buying a home. Property or home inspection is one of those things you just can’t cut back on. The structural integrity of a home is one of the most important aspects of the home, and that is what a qualified home inspector will look for. So what happens if your home does have structural problems? At that point, it becomes necessary to hire a professional structural inspector.

Here are three reasons why you should call in a professional regarding structural integrity issues.

Structural Integrity

Although home construction is hardly rocket science, local building laws may demand the assistance of an engineer or professional builder before blueprint approval. This process is especially true for complex house designs. The engineer or architect will calculate the stress loads of the design and offer suggestions for load-bearing walls, holding straps, floor and attic joist sizes, and foundations. Then the build can proceed based on these calculations. The most critical aspect of building a house is the foundation. The foundation holds the entire weight of the home and is frequently overlooked.

Every home needs a proper foundation, and when elements are overlooked, cracks and structural imbalances can occur. Without a solid foundation, the home’s walls could become dangerously unstable and eventually tumble down on themselves with you in or out of the home. When an inspection determines that the foundation is not as sound as it should be, it is time to call in a professional to fix the issue before the entire structure is compromised.

The Home Inspection

This inspection is usually conducted when you are considering the purchase of the home. It is a structural or engineering examination, a judgment on the structural state and integrity of the building or residence.

The structural inspection checks the structural elements for soundness and ensures it can handle the load. A professional structural engineer conducts the inspection and uses a special code to determine the structural soundness of the building.
The value lies in the fact that a new homeowner knows what he is buying and understands whether the basic foundation and structure are sound enough to withstand the home for years to come.

When the inspector comes back with faults in the foundation or structure, the homeowner needs to address these faults and call in a professional to repair the issues. A professional foundation repair company with experience in compensating a foundation for its unbalanced system does this type of repair work. It is very concise and requires very specific measurement and movement changes that won’t cause further damage to the home.

Do It Right! Call In The Professionals

This type of project requires a team of professionals. The team will come in, do an assessment and assign a team that has the proper knowledge and licensing to fix the structural foundation issues which cause the floor cracks or other issues that can eventually destroy the home if left unrepaired.

In the days of the pioneers, when the stockmen rode through the outback, men and women would sit out and gaze at the stars on most evenings. They would recount adventures, share life experiences, and reminisce about the past in their stories. Most modern Aussies miss the romanticism of these days. People want to sit in their backyard, watch the stars and share a good steak or two with their family. The problem is there is no place to do it. No place to sit outside. No place to grill the meat. The solution lies in the backyard. Why not build a fantastic outdoor patio and kitchen where you can share time with your family, have a good talk, and make a delicious dinner.

There are several benefits to having an outdoor kitchen and patio. So in this article, we list five reasons that might make you decide to be an adventurous stockman and build your outdoor kitchen, even though you might opt for something a little more modern than that old fashion outdoor cooking area.

A Separate Entertainment Area

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining, making it a top benefit. As dinner is being prepared, guests can socialize around the BBQ grill while the food is being grilled. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, your space might be a bit cramped, and you may find it too busy for everyone to enjoy themselves and hang out with the cook. An outdoor kitchen and patio can increase the comfort of your party guests. Adding patio heaters, outdoor furnishings, strings of lights, and mood music can make it more beautiful and comfortable.

Enhances The Value of Your Home

Remodelers earn a high return on their financial investments due to the popularity of this home improvement. Nowadays, most BBQ grills and other outdoor appliances are made to withstand the elements and come in stainless steel. One of the most attractive things about stainless steel is its ease of cleaning. The investment you make in a functional outdoor kitchen is one you can enjoy for years to come, so why not decide to invest in one. You can enjoy it for a few years and then get a better return on your home should you ever decide to sell.

It Saves on Energy Bills

You won’t have to work your air conditioner over time to keep your house cool while grilling outside during the summer. In your inside kitchen, when you cook, the temperature in your home rises several degrees. This excessive heat causes your air conditioner to work overtime. When you cook outdoors, you also use less electricity.

Keeps Out Smells

Some foods smell delicious while cooking, while others are less enticing. Aromas can linger for days when you cook odiferous foods like fish or deep-fried foods. It’s easier to keep your house smelling fresh when you prepare these menu items outside.

It Expands Your Living Space
A patio and an outdoor kitchen give you more living space without having to invest or add on another room. A covered patio is perfect for bringing in appliances and creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

These 5 good reasons to add an outdoor kitchen to your home give you a lot to think about, so when you are ready, think of what you will want in your outdoor kitchen. A few of the options might include an outdoor grill, a sink, refrigerator, prep surface, and bar. It is something you’ll need to think about and talk over with your outdoor kitchen installer.


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Finding the right deck contractor for your home renovation used to be easy, back when people build their houses with nails and wood instead of concrete and modern building materials. So when people choose to employ wooden structures for their home renovation – especially for their outdoor living space, it is hard for them to find a provider they can trust. Below are tips on finding the right deck contractor for your home renovation.

Thorough Research

Since technology, nowadays, is within reach, new or traditional designs that can be useful in wooden designs can be researched. You can even lookup the methods of installing and repairing wooden parts in the houses. The right deck contractor can reduce your pain on researching wooden designs as their catalogues will provide good ideas and make your job easier. But before hiring them, it is necessary to find out the companies’ working experience and profile.

You can browse to find out deck contractors near your location. People can get plenty of contacts within just a few seconds, and they need to filter the poorly rated services to find the right deck contractor. Online reviews and ratings are important, and make sure to choose a service from the top-rated companies. Checking the reviews will be advantageous as you can filter the companies with bad reviews. And it will make your work easier.

Assess Previous Works

Carpentry is more an art rather than a mere service, hence people must lookout for the best craftsmen to get the best quality work. A wooden structure has a unique appeal and aesthetic value that no modern building materials can mimic. If you have found your desired deck contractor, assess their previous works to know if they have the skill for the job you require. A portfolio can give you an idea about their quality of work, and one can find portfolios on the company website. In case you find a company with an impressive portfolio, you should check other factors, and if you find everything all right, you should contact them and get a quotation, if they provide an affordable price.

Inspect Equipment

Nowadays, one can see a wide range of equipment used in carpentry. Modern equipment allows the craftsmen to go beyond their limits and experiment with more complex designs, and if you find a company that uses modern equipment, it means they work on complex designs, and they can handle complex projects easily. If you are searching for the right deck contractor for your home renovation, it is difficult to know about the equipment, but there is no harm in asking them.

Cost Comparison

If you can find numerous services, it is essential to compare the price to get the best one for your project. If you are searching for complete deck contractors, cost comparison will be helpful to find out the best rate easily.

If you are planning to employ wooden structures in your outdoor living space, contact Prestige Construction & Design. We can help you build the best wooden works at a very affordable cost

Regardless of the size, patios are a wellspring of happiness and shelter. It is a spot to get away from when you need to loosen up, unwind, and have a good time. A yard jumbled with tons of deck furniture, outside structures (like gazebos), and kids’ play gear will seem tumultuous. Indeed, you may wind up attempting to keep away from the patio assuming there’s an excess of stuff. You think that it is hard to move around.

Reexamine the yard by getting out the mess, pruning congested trees and supports, cleaning up play gear, or disassembling slides and swings, assuming your kids are excessively too old for them. Dispose of or reuse broken furnishings and embellishments or things that don’t appear to have a place in the yard. Store whatever can be.

Outdoor living space has a lot of potentials and can give sun, shade, views, and natural air. Consider all it brings to the table and think about the accompanying ways of changing your space while changing it into a relaxing space.

Happy with Seating

A profound seating set, relaxed seats, loungers, or chaise lounges permit you to loosen up and unwind, regardless of whether it’s under an umbrella, by a pool, on a deck, or even on the overhang of a skyscraper high rise. If the seating is agreeable, you’re bound to kick back and invest some energy outside, instead of plunking down, saying, at a porch feasting table, eat a barbecued burger, then, at that point, return inside.

The Right Landscaping

In addition to any finishing, in any case. Painstakingly arranging and choosing plants that look normal in their setting can set a topic or disposition, even vehicle you to an ideal place to getaway. Who wouldn’t have any desire to venture outside each day to a yard that helped them to remember that outing to Maui, Tahiti, or Sedona?

Blend locals for your district in with trees, bushes, plants, and perennials that are adjusted to the environment typically something that can be found at your nearby nursery or professional flowerbed shop. Enrol proficient assistance from a scene architect, or request ideas from a nursery store representative or the nearby college’s lord grounds-keeper program.

Exploit a View

Assuming you are adequately fortunate to reside in a home with a view, don’t be bashful about making a space from which to partake in the landscape. Try not to obstruct the view with trees and supports, and abstain from getting enormous or lumbering open-air furniture that can likewise impede the view. Arranging should mix in with the adjoining perspective and climate, not rival it.

Plan a More Inviting Patio or Deck

A piece of cement with a couple of plastic seats and a charcoal barbecue actually won’t cut it. Make a space that coaxes you to leave the warm home of your sanctum for a plant-filled, private desert spring on your lawn. Make a porch a spot where you would need to invest energy, maybe unwinding in the sun, rehearsing yoga, perusing, spending time with companions whatever your pleasure. Add cushions, covers, blossoms, and lamps to make the space comfortable.

For sure, homeowners like you can feel excited over home improvement projects. During this time, you have every opportunity to check every corner of your house and assess what you and your family need to add or change. You may have a lot of options for a few upgrades, but your allotted budget can only cover a limited area of the house. With that said, it is practical for you to improve the exterior looks of your home first.

One of the best exterior additions to your modern home is building an outdoor deck since it is cheaper compared to most home improvement projects. Building an outdoor deck may only require a small space and time, but it can do a lot for you and your family in the long run.

Adds Significant Space to Your Home

You may have experienced going to your garage to store old but still usable appliances and furniture alongside boxes of books and clothes. Upon visiting your garage, you noticed that these things have already consumed almost half of the garage space. You know that this can be a problem that must be solved immediately.

Adding an outdoor deck provides a solution to your space problems. You can convert some space of the deck into a storage area, or turn some parts of it into a mini garden for your potted plants. You can even place your barbeque and patio furniture on this dedicated space for a relaxing outdoor grilling experience.

Provides a New Gathering Area

Adding an outdoor deck can also give you a new area for hosting family gatherings, parties, and other events. Most outdoor decks receive natural light and air, which makes gathering more intimate with nature. This makes your outdoor deck a go-to location for hangouts and gatherings.

When hosting a party, you can place a large dining table and chairs for your guests on your outdoor deck. You may want to install artificial lighting to suit best the theme of your event. Imagine you and your friends drinking your favourite beverages on the patio under a starry night. What a scene, right?

Improves Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

The design of your outdoor deck can give your modern home a refreshed and pleasing appeal. Most of the construction companies will give you freedom in choosing the design of your outdoor decking. From colours to materials, your outdoor decking can either complement the existing looks of your home or create a new design language for your property. After all, you have the liberty to modify the outdoor deck according to your liking.

Increases the Property Value

Setting the physical benefits aside, an outdoor deck can boost the overall value of your home. The cost of adding an outdoor deck can guarantee you around 70% of the building cost once you have sold the property.

Building an outdoor decking may be cheap. But the value that the area brings to your property is higher compared to adding extra rooms. This is because families wanted to buy a property that maximizes outdoor spaces that the outdoor deck can fully provide.

If you are ready to increase your home’s value and outdoor appeal, you can contact us here at Prestige Construction & Design. We can help you build the best deck in your neighbourhood at a very affordable cost.

The deck of a house is a kind of home extension, where you utilise and convert a space into an area with functionality. As decking projects become prominent in Australia, there has been tremendous progress towards the material choices used to build a deck. From wood to composites, building a deck out of specific materials can bring some advantages and disadvantages to you and your property.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Perhaps the most preferred material for decking projects, pressure-treated lumber is milled from southern yellow pine and then treated to resist rot and pests. This material is affordable and can be found almost anywhere, making it popular among homeowners and home builders. Moreover, nails and screws can be cut and fastened into this material with ease.

Alternatively, the pressure-treated lumber doesn’t look appealing compared to other decking materials. And despite any treatment, this material can still crack, split, and warp according to the surrounding environment. There would also be some risk of shrinking and twisting when you choose the cheapest pressure treated lumber in the market, making this expensive to maintain and repair.

Redwood and Cedar

Unlike pressure-treated lumber, the redwood and cedar bring a natural beauty that can be appealing for homeowners. These materials have vibrant colours that can enhance the appearance of the property. Also, both wood materials contain tannins and oils that protect them from rot, decay, and pests.

The richness of colour and resistance to harmful agents make the redwood and cedar three times more expensive than the pressure-treated lumber. The resistance of the materials has limitations as well since the location of the heartwood and sapwood determines their resistance level. Also, preserving the materials’ colour requires the application of stain. Without this, both materials will weather to a silver-grey.

Tropical Hardwoods

From the name itself, tropical hardwoods came from materials found in the tropics.

Some examples of this material are ipe, cumaru, tigerwood, massaranduba, garapa, Bambara, Philippine mahogany, and red tamari. Just like the previous materials, tropical hardwoods can resist rot and insects. They are also hard and durable, making them a great choice with deck projects.

Of course, tropical hardwoods have their weaknesses. The durability of tropical hardwoods makes it difficult for nails and screws to go through without any pilot hole borings. Moreover, tropical hardwoods are more expensive than pressure-treated lumber but are priced almost the same as redwood and cedar. Lastly, this material doesn’t accept any type of stains very well. You must go for an oil-based penetrating stain for the protection and coating of the material.


Despite being manmade, the combination of wood fibres and recycled plastic of the composites makes the material resistant to any weathering factors, stains, cracks, splits and rotting compared to others. Additionally, the production of this material is defect-free, which eliminates the need to get rid of unused materials. However, a disadvantage of using composites is the presence of mould and mildew over time. Moreover, this material is still susceptible to decay in the long run since composites are partially made of wood.

Choosing the best material for your decking project depends on your preference. If you want more help with your decking projects, give us a call at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney. We specialise in deck building that will match your needs.