Don’t Make These Mistakes When Renovating Your Home

29 June 2022

If you have long been planning to have a major home renovation project to update the look and the structure of your living space, you must understand that it is not at all a walk in the park. There are important factors that you need to consider before commencing the proper renovation process. Hence, for […]

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Single-Level vs. Multi-Level Decking: What is the Best Option for Your Property?

10 June 2022

If you are considering putting a deck for an outdoor extension and landscape enhancement,but you cannot proceed with your decking project because you are still torn between single-level and multi-level decking, thinking it through will help you select the best option for your property.You must weigh your options thoughtfully to pick the ideal type of […]

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How to Start on Your New Bathroom Design with the Help of Prestige Construction and Design

30 May 2022

Before embarking on your new bathroom design project, you will also have to go through the daunting task of the pre-planning process like any other home improvement project. For this reason, deliberate planning from the onset is highly recommended to avoid costly errors and alterations down the line. Designing your new bathroom should be taken […]

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3 Advantages of Adding a Granny Flat to Your Backyard

12 May 2022

If you are planning to use up your backyard space into a useful space, try building a granny flat to increase your living space.Gone are the days when backyards are just about a landscape of plants, concrete accent walls, and a swimming pool. Adding an extra dwelling is now the new trend for homeowners with […]

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The Essence of Remedial Works in Home Construction

27 April 2022

Just like in any other type of work, defects are sometimes inevitable. But it can be remedied depending on if the defect is included in the building contract and if in such contract, remedial works are one of the written stipulations of the building contract. As one of the most common areas of building construction […]

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5 Reasons Why Property Managers Need to Hire the Right Company for Building Maintenance and Repairs

08 April 2022

We all know that every property has different needs, and the responsibility for maintenance and repairs is all on the shoulders of the property manager. Property managers and even owners have a lot of responsibilities to handle in making sure that the business is running smoothly. Property managers must handle the finances, staff management, and […]

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Four Important Factors to Think About Before Adding A Granny Flat to Your Vacant Space

29 March 2022

The addition of a granny flat or “in-laws home” to your current residence can provide living accommodations for grandparents or other older relatives, nannies or housekeepers. These convenient living spaces can also provide guest accommodations for your visiting family members and friends. Yet before you make definite plans to build a granny flat adjoining your […]

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Structural Repairs: Three Reasons Why This is Not a DIY Job

09 March 2022

There are several procedures that prospective homeowners need to consider when buying a home. Property or home inspection is one of those things you just can’t cut back on. The structural integrity of a home is one of the most important aspects of the home, and that is what a qualified home inspector will look […]

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Outdoor Kitchen and Patio: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Them to Your Home

24 February 2022

In the days of the pioneers, when the stockmen rode through the outback, men and women would sit out and gaze at the stars on most evenings. They would recount adventures, share life experiences, and reminisce about the past in their stories. Most modern Aussies miss the romanticism of these days. People want to sit […]

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How to Hire the Best Outdoor Deck Contractor for Your Property

10 February 2022

Finding the right deck contractor for your home renovation used to be easy, back when people build their houses with nails and wood instead of concrete and modern building materials. So when people choose to employ wooden structures for their home renovation – especially for their outdoor living space, it is hard for them to […]

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