Amazing Ways to Incorporate Lighting in Your Deck Designs

17 December 2019

Your deck may function as your outdoor space for entertaining guests or just for the fun of it. Depending on the type of your deck, some of you may want to chill out and hang around this specific outdoor space. Some of you may even read a book peacefully with the set of lighting that […]

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Landscaping Ideas Using Timber Decks

10 December 2019

Owning a property can give you a lot of freedom when it comes to the overall design of your home. The design of your house can even be modified when the timing is right, especially if your family is expanding or you are expecting a lot of events on your living quarters. Whatever your reasons […]

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Compare Different Material Options for Your Decking Project

22 November 2019

A simple home with the basic rooms and areas for daily activities is more than enough to sustain the needs of your family. However, if your property has a lot of still unused spaces, you might think of converting it into something that can be useful for the household. The deck of a house is […]

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Incorporate Outdoor Decks to Your Modern Home

04 November 2019

For sure, homeowners like you can feel excited over home improvement projects. During this time, you have every opportunity to check every corner of your house and assess what you and your family need to add or change. You may have a lot of options for a few upgrades, but your allotted budget can only […]

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Benefits of Constructing Pool House with Timber Decks: Why Should You Have it in Your Backyard Swimming Pool Area?

21 October 2019

Now that the construction in complete on your backyard swimming pool, you must consider how to accessorise the area appropriately. Along with lounges, chairs, garden areas and water features, you should install a pool house and match it with a nicely built timber deck. After all, you need a place to change clothes, use the […]

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Plan on Entertaining Outdoors for the Holiday Season? Call Prestige Construction & Design for the Best Outdoor Deck for Your Home

07 October 2019

To be able to entertain outdoors during the holiday season here in Australia, you must have the proper setup. Otherwise, your guests will not be comfortable and enjoy the festivities to the fullest extent. A deck of a suitable design is the choice for most homeowners to accomplish this, but you may not know where […]

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Warning Signs of an Unsafe Deck and the Importance of an Immediate Solution

26 September 2019

A deck is a great addition to a home. It is a place where you can spend quiet time alone or enjoy entertaining family and friends. However, you need to make sure that your deck is a safe place for the people who use it. You should be aware of the warning signs of an […]

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A Single-Level or Multi-Level Deck: Things to Consider When Choosing Between Composite and Timber Materials

03 September 2019

Whether you plan to add a single-level or multi-level deck to your property, you will need to choose between composite and timber materials for it. While both materials are suitable and durable for this purpose, each one has its own unique characteristics and care instructions. To know which material fits your preferences and needs the […]

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Patios, Pergolas, Outdoor Decks: Perfect Outdoor Additions to Your Home

26 August 2019

If you are looking for a way to make your home more functional and more attractive, consider an outdoor addition. A patio, pergola or outdoor deck will provide you with several benefits. Increased Outdoor Space Adding an outdoor addition will give you more space for outdoor entertaining. A deck or patio next to your living […]

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpentry Services Compared to DIY

05 August 2019

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have become very popular over the last couple decades and are a great way for people to save money while repairing or constructing things around the home. However, when it comes to some DIY carpentry jobs, it is highly recommended to hire professionals. The benefits of hiring professional carpentry services compared to […]

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