Understanding the Differences between Composite and Timber Decking

28 April 2020

If you have ample space beyond your internal living quarters, investing in outdoor improvements can make your home feel more welcoming. Having a backyard might be a good start towards living space expansion. Aside from your backyard, one of its great companions is a deck. A deck may be used as part of a garden […]

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Best Decking Materials Suited for Your Australian Home

07 April 2020

Decking materials vary in style and functionality. However, choosing the best decking material can be extremely difficult because you have to take into consideration the general area where it is located. Climate is usually the first thing to take into account when choosing a decking material in a certain home. In Australia, some areas have […]

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Things You Need to Know When Installing a Home Deck

23 March 2020

Outdoor living spaces have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. In fact, it has become one of the most requested home projects, nowadays. They have incorporated new durable outdoor materials, furniture and accessories plus unique shade options and smart technology to the otherwise simpler version of the home deck. Due to these […]

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Tips on Finding the Right Carpentry Service Provider for Your Home Renovation

28 February 2020

Finding the right carpentry service provider for your home renovation used to be easy, back when people build their houses with nails and wood instead of concrete and modern building materials. So when people choose to employ wooden structures for their home renovation – especially for their outdoor living space, it is hard for them […]

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How to Select Finishes for Your Deck or Porch

07 February 2020

Selecting the right finish can make the wood look better than it was before. Same applies to your deck or porch. Not only will it protect your deck or porch from unnecessary stains and dirt, it will also appear as if it is a natural extension of your outdoor living space. Below are the steps […]

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Garden Deck Designing Tips from Prestige Construction and Design

24 January 2020

Garden decks are so much more than just a home feature that provides visual appeal. They are also a functional tool that allows you to utilise your outdoor living space. Below are some garden decks designing tips that will homeowners maximise their outdoor areas to its fullest. Site Selection When choosing a site for your […]

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Things to Remember When Adding Small Decks to Your Home

07 January 2020

Small decks can be a great addition to a home, particularly in an outdoor living space. However, there are instances when the installed small decks do not complement the area where it is placed. Below are things to remember when adding small decks to your home. Take Note of Your Decks’ Purpose In order to […]

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Amazing Ways to Incorporate Lighting in Your Deck Designs

17 December 2019

Your deck may function as your outdoor space for entertaining guests or just for the fun of it. Depending on the type of your deck, some of you may want to chill out and hang around this specific outdoor space. Some of you may even read a book peacefully with the set of lighting that […]

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Landscaping Ideas Using Timber Decks

10 December 2019

Owning a property can give you a lot of freedom when it comes to the overall design of your home. The design of your house can even be modified when the timing is right, especially if your family is expanding or you are expecting a lot of events on your living quarters. Whatever your reasons […]

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Compare Different Material Options for Your Decking Project

22 November 2019

A simple home with the basic rooms and areas for daily activities is more than enough to sustain the needs of your family. However, if your property has a lot of still unused spaces, you might think of converting it into something that can be useful for the household. The deck of a house is […]

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