Landscaping Ideas Using Timber Decks

10 December 2019

Owning a property can give you a lot of freedom when it comes to the overall design of your home. The design of your house can even be modified when the timing is right, especially if your family is expanding or you are expecting a lot of events on your living quarters. Whatever your reasons are, upgrading your home can truly add overall value on your home.

Adding another floor or cleaning your backyard is not enough to add the overall value of your property. If you want to increase your property value, and at the same time, enjoy the constructed portion of the house, then landscaping may help you with that. One of the best ways of improving your property is to add timber decks outside your home.

Timber decks can give property owners a sturdy and durable area to hold gatherings and special events. Fortunately, there are many ways of how timber decks can benefit from landscaping. Here are the following landscaping ideas for your future timber deck.

Attached Deck

Attached decks are commonly connected at the back of the house that makes them easier to access by house members and guests. This deck serves as a bridge that connects your home to the outdoor living and entertainment space, making all garden parties and family gatherings possible.

Island Deck

If your place has poor drainage or bumpy pathway, then the island deck is suitable for you. While the attached deck are directly connected to the house, this specific timber deck is positioned anywhere on a property. Island decks are only accessible through wood or composite pathway or steps.

Swimming Pool Deck

Decking around a pool area can help prevent any accidents and slips due to the non-slip nature of timber decks. Aside from preventing slips, the decking can also help regulate the temperature of the pool area, making sure that swimmers won’t scorch their feet when walking around the area.

Wraparound Deck

One classic use of timber decks is to wrap them around your home. Some parts of the deck may be larger than others, which can allow you to follow the sun or shade. Moreover, wraparound decks assist with air circulation throughout the house when your doors and windows are open.

Multilevel Deck

If your house is built in hills, slopes, or rocky landscaping, then the multi-level deck is for you. The multilevel deck is composed of a series of decks on different levels, which are connected by steps or paths. This deck can complement with the uneven surface of the surrounding areas of your house.

Outdoor Dining Deck

A space for dining outdoors is a must if you are expecting growing family members or friends that often visit your house. This dining deck may include a grill, counter, bar, and other areas dedicated to dining and food preparation.

Rooftop Deck

If your rooftop can hold additional construction, then you can opt to go with rooftop deck. A rooftop deck can give you a grand view of the surrounding, especially if you are located near natural scenic landscapes. Moreover, it can pick up the cool breeze of your environment.

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