Building an Outdoor Deck: Why Safety Matters a Lot

19 June 2019

Decks allow homeowners to extend their living area into their yards. They have more space to gather with family or hold their various festivities throughout the year. Also, from these decks, they can enjoy their gardens, watch their children, sit and read, or just admire the surrounding scenery. If you are thinking about building an outdoor deck at your home, though, you must ensure that it is well-constructed and durable. This is not just for aesthetic purposes, but it is also crucial to the safety of the deck. We elaborate on why safety matters when building a deck in the following.

Thousands of Decks Across This Country Are at Risk of Collapsing Each Year

Statistics show that thousands of decks across Australia are at risk each year of collapsing. They are either poorly constructed or beyond safe, durable lifespans and need replacing. Do not allow your deck to be part of these statistics.

Decks Should Be Able to Carry a Substantial Load

Your deck needs to be able to hold a significant load without malfunctioning in any way. Even the weight of all your family members adds up to hundreds of kilograms. Add all the people that you will invite to your outdoor parties and this weight load can increase up to 1,000 kilograms or more.

Many Decks Are at High Elevations 

Ground level decks are easier to make safe than the ones elevated off the ground are since the latter requires additional measures. The higher the deck is, the more secure the footings and other parts of the deck should be to guarantee that it is safe.

Injuries Can Occur Due to Deck Defects

If a deck collapses with people on it, injuries and even death can occur. An accident such as this will haunt you all of your life.

Problems That Cause Outdoor Decks to Collapse

• Ledger board losing hold on the house

• A split ledger board

• Rotting timber boards in the ledger or support posts

• Failure of toe or hanger nails

• Joists issues can cause holes to happen when someone steps on the deck, and he or she may hurt a foot if it goes through the hole

• A problematic foundation will not hold the support posts firmly in place

For additional facts about why safety matters when building an outdoor deck, consult with Prestige Construction & Design. Our company specialises in designing and constructing durable, attractive and totally safe decks in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Whether you desire a single-level or a complex multi-level version of a deck, we will deliver it according to your exact specifications and preferences.