4 Inspiring Examples of Outdoor Living Spaces

06 August 2021

Normally, home properties are already filled with rooms and spaces that are appealing, functional, and valuable. From their living room down to their bedrooms, these spaces can surely cater to mostly all the needs of the people inside these properties.

But despite the presence of excellent indoor living spaces, some homeowners and their respective families still want to extend their living spaces beyond the four secluded corners of their properties. Fortunately, homeowners who have spacious vacant outdoor areas around their properties can conveniently convert them into beautiful multipurpose outdoor living spaces.

Here are some inspiring examples of outdoor living spaces that you may want to consider.

Timber Detached Covered Patio

Eating outside your home property can be a great way to appreciate your lovely surroundings. But if you want to go beyond outdoor dining, then you may want to cook your meals outside of your home as well. Integrating a detached covered patio right beside your property can be the perfect place for you to install a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining set, a porch swing, and even a rustic fireplace. With the use of high-quality native timber, your patio is expected to sustain its appearance for a long time.

Beachside Themed Pergola

Even if your home property is in a busy community, you can still incorporate an outdoor space that can bring the comfort of residing near a beach. A beachside themed pergola can be constructed alongside plants and trees that serve as the cooling agents of the place. The top portion of your pergola may be filled with multiple twigs, which can provide you not only shade but also cosy scenery under the sun. With this type of pergola, you can place an outdoor sofa set so that conversations would last longer.

Multipurpose Accessible Deck

To gain a more enjoyable afternoon after long hours of work, you may want to consider integrating a multipurpose accessible deck. Your deck may be built to face the lovely landscape elements of your backyard so that you can appreciate the view. Additionally, it can be connected to the living areas of your home for ease of accessibility. And for your deck to be certainly enjoyable without compromising privacy, you may want to include a trellis into your outdoor space.

Patio and Pergola Combo

Combining two or more outdoor spaces can also be done if you want to maximise their accompanying features and benefits. Patio and pergola have distinct characteristics that can truly provide great shade, privacy, and security to you and your family. Your pergola can be made from timber, which can match the surrounding vines and existing daylight. You can likewise place this outdoor living space combo alongside stone walls and built-in seating features.

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