3 Advantages of Adding a Granny Flat to Your Backyard

12 May 2022

If you are planning to use up your backyard space into a useful space, try building a granny flat to increase your living space.Gone are the days when backyards are just about a landscape of plants, concrete accent walls, and a swimming pool. Adding an extra dwelling is now the new trend for homeowners with different purposes in mind. In this blog, we highlight the three advantages of adding a granny flat to your backyard.

Can Add Extra Room Space

One of the advantages of adding a granny flat to your backyard is it provides extra accommodation for your family, especially for elderly parents. You can also convert it to its other uses, like for a home office when you are working from home or a guest house to accommodate a vacationing relative or a visiting friend. A granny flat is a very useful addition to your backyard, it is just up to you how you maximise them.

Earn Extra Income

One advantage of adding a granny flat to your backyard is they can help you earn extra income by renting it out to tourists via Airbnb. Adding a granny flat does not have to be limited to just another extra room or office space. You can make the most of this extra space by finding a way to maximise the return of your capital.

Can Bring a Great Increase to Your Property Value

Adding a granny flat can add value to your property. The extra room space can boost the value of your property and when the time comes that you decide the sell it or rent it out, you can be assured that there is a significant improvement in the capital value of your home. An additional structure like a granny flat is more attractive for buyers and is a sure way to increase your return on investment.

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