Understanding the Difference between Pergola, Patio, and Veranda

07 December 2020

If your mind has recorded pergolas, verandas and patios in a similar organizer called ‘zones for relaxing in’, you’re in good company. Yet, neglecting to understand the difference won’t possibly make you sound senseless when the following Sunday evening conversation over a lager and a grill is occurring. It will likewise make choosing which one to decide for your impending redesigns practically unthinkable. Below are ways on understanding the difference between pergola, patio and veranda.


On the off chance that you speculated that the word comes from Spain, you’d be right – although it’s best said in an Aussie complement. Concerning what it is, you likely as of now have one – that cleared region simply outside your secondary passage that presumably contains your grill. A great many people viewed it as similarly as significant as restrooms or rooms, and some are shockingly better prepared than a lounge area or kitchen. You get the image.


Presently, we go from Spain to Italy for the inception of this word, yet – again – it’s a notorious outside territory to relax in here in Australia. The Italians utilized the word to portray a structure for climbing plants, however, we consider it an obscure structure or some likeness thereof that is either connected or unsupported. A pergola doesn’t have an encased rooftop. The shade is regularly given by a rooftop outline, which can be made of an assortment of materials, and a pergola is adequate in similarly the same number of shapes. Concerning the difference between patios and pergolas, it’s unobtrusive however significant: a patio is commonly viewed as a component of the home, yet a pergola is an expansion of the nursery, with climbing plants making shade and esthetic allure.


Since we’ve settled that patio versus pergola quandary, we should proceed onward to a considerably more troublesome test: pergola versus veranda. The word itself goes back to the mid-eighteenth century, with ‘Varanda’ in a real sense signifying ‘railing’ or ‘balustrade’ – however, alludes to the progress from inside to outside. In contrast to a patio, where you can sit for supper around a sizeable table, we consider a veranda an any longer and much smaller structure, giving outside shade that is essentially an augmentation of the principle rooftop. Think about our Queenslander-style homes, and you’re considering sitting a morning mug of espresso out the front or the back under a veranda.

However, a verandah can be any shape or size! The principle difference between a pergola and verandah is the later has an encased rooftop, regularly a level or peak style.

So there you have it: that well-established pergola versus verandah versus patio question at last answered. Every one of them is incredible spots to relax in on a lethargic end of the week at home in Australia.