Top 5 Deck Building Mistakes that Inexperienced Contractors Typically Commit

07 June 2021

Decks are one of the outdoor features that can be integrated with home properties. They are generally elevated surfaces that can be constructed out of timber, metal, and other durable materials and are directly connected to the properties. These structures are typically enclosed with a railing and can be accessed through doors or stairways. They can also be covered by a pergola for sunlight protection.

What is great about decks is that they can enhance the overall exterior appeal of home properties, especially if they feature furniture pieces, fittings, and greeneries that can be converted into beneficial outdoor living spaces. And speaking of these spaces, decks can also benefit homeowners as they can be used as the primary location for family get-togethers and parties. Ultimately, the addition of a deck to home properties can effectively increase their overall value.

All these features and benefits, however, can only be achieved with reputable contractors. If you opt for an inexperienced contractor, then they might generate the following deck building mistakes.

Failure to Install Handrails

Decks are often constructed with a railing for security purposes. If your deck does not have any handrails or other protective fittings, then it can cause some serious safety concerns throughout its service life. Without any handrails, some of your family members might end up falling and obtaining some injuries. To keep your deck safe, you must have a reputable contractor install a safety railing.

Using Incorrect Fasteners

Another common mistake that inexperienced contractors may commit is the use of wrong fasteners. When it comes to the installation of a deck, it would be much safer and useful if it has the correct fasteners. Hardware components that do not boast the correct size will only weaken the structure of the deck. Additionally, those that cannot resist corrosion may compromise the strength of the deck.

Lack of Rainproof Coating

Decks are outdoor features that are often exposed to rainfall and other weather elements. Without any appropriate coating, the materials and components of the deck can deteriorate and lose their useful qualities. Experienced contractors would often apply the appropriate waterproof coating for these parts. Alternatively, those that lack adequate experience might either delay or skip the coating of the deck. 

Inappropriate Post Footers

The support posts of the deck can stabilise the whole deck. Ideally, these posts must be installed on a stable ground wherein deck post footers are located. With inexperienced contractors, the post footers might be installed in unstable and disturbed soil. These footers might also be installed below the minimum elevation, which would only weaken them in the long run.

Blocking Service Access

One more mistake that inexperienced contractors tend to do is to block the egress of service access. While your deck can already boost the value of your property, it may also affect your services if some of its parts have blocked the water faucets, air conditioning units, and other exterior outlets. Before the installation of the deck, these services must be relocated first. To avoid obtaining these deck installation mistakes, feel free to call us at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.