Things You Need to Know When Installing a Home Deck

23 March 2020

Outdoor living spaces have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. In fact, it has become one of the most requested home projects, nowadays. They have incorporated new durable outdoor materials, furniture and accessories plus unique shade options and smart technology to the otherwise simpler version of the home deck. Due to these additional details, a lot of things must be necessarily considered. Below are things you need to know when installing a home deck.

Purpose and Appropriation

All homeowners must know if they plan to extend their outdoor living spaces with a home deck for either dining, grilling or lounging purposes. Also, you’ll want to decide whether your property is good for a deck or patio — or a combination of both. Figure out what you want to do first. Typically, people want a deck that’s multipurpose, with areas for eating, cooking and hanging out. But, as with most things, the sky’s the limit. So, depending on your budget, consider things like a deck with an outdoor TV, hot tub, kitchen, water feature and more.


Also consider privacy on your deck. If you don’t want to feel like you’re on a stage performing for your neighbours, you’ll want to think about adding an arbour, a pergola, latticework or something else to create privacy.


How will you access the deck? If you currently have a door that leads outside to where you’ll want your deck, then congratulations — you’re in good shape. But if you’re adding a deck to a portion of your house that doesn’t have a door, then you’ll have to add an opening, which can increase costs drastically depending on whether you’re planning for a door in a load-bearing wall or not. If you’re using your deck for dining, you’ll want it located as close to your kitchen as possible. Consider how it will look. When adding a deck, it’s best to consider the style and architecture of your house so that the addition either blends in with or at least complements your home. An experienced professional will be best suited to make recommendations on deck style, materials, colour and more.

Material Options

The two main options for decks are wood and composite boards. Historically, wood has dominated decks, but lately composite boards are more in demand. Experts say that there was a time when many homeowner’s associations didn’t allow composite decks, because they looked too plasticky and had other problems. Now it’s the complete opposite.

For example, composite boards, composite boards are engineered products that are a mixture of wood fibres and plastic. A lot of this material came from recycled plastic grocery bags. Some companies use old shredded carpets for wood fillers. Newer composite boards are wrapped in a thin plastic layer so they won’t stain or fade. On the other hand, wood may be a good material option as well. Many wood species are less expensive than composite but can weather over time and drive up maintenance costs. If you don’t take care of the wood, it can rot, dry out, warp, crack and splinter, and nails can pop out. But if you’re willing to maintain it, wood decking is beautiful, especially up close. If you go with a wood deck, it’s recommended that you power wash it and re-oil it after pollen and leaves have fallen, because they’re a food source for bacteria. Keep in mind that the availability of certain woods varies across the country.

Shade Capacity

If it’s too sunny or raining, you won’t be enticed to use your new outdoor space unless you have some shade or some sort of covering. There are endless options here, from large umbrellas and retractable awnings to pavilions, gazebos and screened-in porches. Of course, the more elaborate, the more expensive it will be. You can have a deck porch with finished ceilings, fans, TVs, heating and air conditioning, fireplaces and more.

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