Things to Remember When Adding Small Decks to Your Home

07 January 2020

Small decks can be a great addition to a home, particularly in an outdoor living space. However, there are instances when the installed small decks do not complement the area where it is placed. Below are things to remember when adding small decks to your home.

Take Note of Your Decks’ Purpose

In order to create a small deck and install it the right way, you must first consider what purpose it is intended to serve. You have to take into account your lifestyle and the activities to be done in your small deck. If you often host outdoor barbecue parties for your family and friends, then the placement and installation of your small deck must accommodate these get-togethers. On the other hand, if you intend to use your small deck as a site for rest and relaxation, then you must utilise the said area for that purpose.

Ensure that Your Deck is Proportional to Your Outdoor Area

Before you delve into the theme and aesthetics of your small deck, you must first consider its size. Your small deck should feel as though it maintains consistent proportion to both the yard and your home. Too small or too big, and either landscape or the small deck will feel overwhelmed. Rethink your square footage with smart ideas to make the best use of the space you have.

Create a Seamless Transition

The placement of the small decks holds great importance to its overall look. If your small deck looks out of place if you factor in the surroundings, then automatically your outdoor living area would appear as off-putting and awkward. You must ensure that the style, materials, and shape feel in sync with both your home and your landscape. You’ll also want to create a small-deck design that encourages an efficient, natural flow between inside and outside. For example, if doors to your kitchen lead to a side yard, that unexpected spot might be the best place for a small deck.

Incorporate Levels and Curves

Landscape inconsistencies such as an unnecessary slope can be covered or improved once you install a small deck. For example, a stepped-down small-deck design can provide multiple levels for gathering, serve for different functions, and help you get rid of grass that never grows or cover a slope that always erodes. A curved small-deck design might help you squeeze a few extra square feet as well as a secluded nook out of a tiny landscape.

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