The Essence of Remedial Works in Home Construction

27 April 2022

Just like in any other type of work, defects are sometimes inevitable. But it can be remedied depending on if the defect is included in the building contract and if in such contract, remedial works are one of the written stipulations of the building contract. As one of the most common areas of building construction disputes, it is very important that you fully understand the essence of remedial works in home construction before signing a building contract with your prospective building contractor.

Building Contractor Will Have to Rectify the Problem

If a defect occurs, the building contractor will have to rectify the problem. The essence of remedial work in home construction is for the defects to be rectified by the contractor. The building contractor must undertake repairs to fix the defective element. If a contractor refuses to fix the defect and carry out the remedial work, the homeowner may opt to make the building contractor pay for the remedial works or ask the latter to reimburse what had been paid to the other contractor who performed the remedial work.

Remedial Works are Necessary to Patch Up a Construction Defect

In-home construction, if upon completion and construction work turned out to be not conforming to the initial specification and construction plan, remedial works shall be necessary to patch up the construction defect. However, the remedial works to be done must be within the required scope of the home construction contract initially entered into by both parties.

Cure Defects and Conform It to the Original Construction Plan

Your home construction builder must cure the defects and conform them to the original construction plan. Rectification is the very essence of remedial works in home construction. That is why remediation is easily resorted to when defects become apparent. The homeowner may not necessarily employ the original contractor to do the remedial work, other contractors may undertake the remedial work, but the homeowner may claim damages and recover the cost paid from the original contractor.

Required for A Project to Meet Regulatory and Environmental Requirements

Remedial works usually include the replacement, correction, and abatement of a building’s structure to comply with the required building standards and likewise meet with the regulatory and environmental requirements. It involves a process where the totality of the home construction project is revisited to check if there are building conditions and standards that were violated and for it to be corrected and conform to the required building standards.

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