Structural Repairs: Three Reasons Why This is Not a DIY Job

09 March 2022

There are several procedures that prospective homeowners need to consider when buying a home. Property or home inspection is one of those things you just can’t cut back on. The structural integrity of a home is one of the most important aspects of the home, and that is what a qualified home inspector will look for. So what happens if your home does have structural problems? At that point, it becomes necessary to hire a professional structural inspector.

Here are three reasons why you should call in a professional regarding structural integrity issues.

Structural Integrity

Although home construction is hardly rocket science, local building laws may demand the assistance of an engineer or professional builder before blueprint approval. This process is especially true for complex house designs. The engineer or architect will calculate the stress loads of the design and offer suggestions for load-bearing walls, holding straps, floor and attic joist sizes, and foundations. Then the build can proceed based on these calculations. The most critical aspect of building a house is the foundation. The foundation holds the entire weight of the home and is frequently overlooked.

Every home needs a proper foundation, and when elements are overlooked, cracks and structural imbalances can occur. Without a solid foundation, the home’s walls could become dangerously unstable and eventually tumble down on themselves with you in or out of the home. When an inspection determines that the foundation is not as sound as it should be, it is time to call in a professional to fix the issue before the entire structure is compromised.

The Home Inspection

This inspection is usually conducted when you are considering the purchase of the home. It is a structural or engineering examination, a judgment on the structural state and integrity of the building or residence.

The structural inspection checks the structural elements for soundness and ensures it can handle the load. A professional structural engineer conducts the inspection and uses a special code to determine the structural soundness of the building.
The value lies in the fact that a new homeowner knows what he is buying and understands whether the basic foundation and structure are sound enough to withstand the home for years to come.

When the inspector comes back with faults in the foundation or structure, the homeowner needs to address these faults and call in a professional to repair the issues. A professional foundation repair company with experience in compensating a foundation for its unbalanced system does this type of repair work. It is very concise and requires very specific measurement and movement changes that won’t cause further damage to the home.

Do It Right! Call In The Professionals

This type of project requires a team of professionals. The team will come in, do an assessment and assign a team that has the proper knowledge and licensing to fix the structural foundation issues which cause the floor cracks or other issues that can eventually destroy the home if left unrepaired.