Single-Level vs. Multi-Level Decking: What is the Best Option for Your Property?

10 June 2022

If you are considering putting a deck for an outdoor extension and landscape enhancement,but you cannot proceed with your decking project because you are still torn between single-level and multi-level decking, thinking it through will help you select the best option for your property.You must weigh your options thoughtfully to pick the ideal type of deck for your outdoor space. Before you choose between single-level and multi-level decking, we will give you a brief comparison to determine the best option for your property.


One edge of a single-level deck is they are more budget-friendly and cost-effective. They are built less complicated with their usual simple designs which makes you save on your budget and invest it invest for high-quality materials to ensure the durability of your deck and make sure that it can withstand constant heat exposure and other extreme weather conditions in the future.

Multi-level decking, on the other hand, depending on the labour and raw materials, will cost higher.Expect the labour cost to go up as you pick a more complex deck design, several stairs, and a more expensive deck material brand.


Single-level decking will only give you a sole open space to utilise, but they are far simpler to designthan multi-level decking. So, if you like a lesser complicated decking, then single-level decking is just the right option for you.

Multi-level decking, on the other hand, provides you with a wider space to design and put an outdoor kitchen or dining in different levels to maximise and utilise every space of the deck. It provides enough space for bigger events and celebrations, making all the levels of the deck useful and valuable.


For single-level decking, there is a lesser risk of accidents and injuries because they are built just above the ground. Single-level decking provides you with a safe space for your children to roam and play around.

Whereas with multi-level decking, there can be potential height-related accidents. However, you can install some safety railings to avoid accidents and injuries, especially for small children.


Single-level decking is ideal for properties with small outdoor spaces since it can be customised to accommodate the size of your yard. If you have limited yard space, then installing a single-level deck is the best option for you to make your dream outdoor relaxation a reality. You only need to maximise the space with a design that makes it feel less crowded when you invite people for a grilling party.

Multi-level decking is the best option for your property as it allows more storage and enough space to accommodate all your outdoor furniture and even a fire pit, all in one place. The most prominent advantage that multi-level decking offers is you can utilise each level for a different purpose. Adding a multi-level deck to your property means you can do more with the spaces that each level provides and at the same time expands your recreational area without taking up so much of your yard space.

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