Garden Deck Designing Tips from Prestige Construction and Design

24 January 2020

Garden decks are so much more than just a home feature that provides visual appeal. They are also a functional tool that allows you to utilise your outdoor living space. Below are some garden decks designing tips that will homeowners maximise their outdoor areas to its fullest.

Site Selection

When choosing a site for your garden deck, you’re limited only by the boundaries of your yard. Since garden decks don’t necessarily have to connect to your home, you can place them where you want in your backyard. Start by walking through your yard and consider the advantages and disadvantages of different areas. If you want to create a quiet retreat-like area, consider building your garden deck in a secluded corner of the yard. If you plan to entertain guests often outdoors, move it closer to your house.

Pick a Shape

Once you’ve selected a site for your garden deck, consider how your chosen site will affect the deck’s shape. While many traditional decks are rectangular, you don’t need to hold firm to traditional rectangular garden deck designs when you’re building a deck from scratch. To create a cohesive look with your home, consider crafting a deck shape that incorporates the style and lines of your house. If your yard has some gentle slopes or areas that are higher or lower than others, factor those elements into your design naturally by adding steps and multiple levels.

Material Consideration

Once you’ve decided on the site and the shape, think about the decking materials that work best for your plan. Choose natural softwoods, such as redwood and cedar, for bright colour and natural resistance to rot and predators. Select tropical hardwoods, such as mahogany or tiger wood, for superior hardness, a bold grain, and natural resistance to insects. For a contemporary option with considerable staying power, consider manmade composite decking. Not only does composite decking remain more durable than several types of natural woods, but it also requires little maintenance needs to look its best.

Drainage System

After selecting the best materials for your deck, you certainly don’t want compromise them by running into issues with drainage problems. If your garden decking ideas include built-in planters and beds, drainage is necessary. If you want to use large pots and planters, choose ones with drainage holes in the bottoms of the containers. Add a layer of rocks or gravel at the bottom of the planters to make sure your plants don’t get waterlogged.

Consider Building Code Requirements

When you’re first considering garden decking ideas, you can let your imagination take hold and lead the way as you plan the ideal design for your yard. Once you start to put your plan into action, however, you should think about building code requirements. Following these code requirements will keep your family and friends safe as you enjoy your new outdoor living space.

If you are ready to increase your home’s value and outdoor appeal, you can contact us here at Prestige Construction & Design. We can help you build the best garden deck in your neighbourhood at a very affordable cost.