Amazing Ways to Incorporate Lighting in Your Deck Designs

17 December 2019

Your deck may function as your outdoor space for entertaining guests or just for the fun of it. Depending on the type of your deck, some of you may want to chill out and hang around this specific outdoor space. Some of you may even read a book peacefully with the set of lighting that you have installed around.

You see, your deck can coexist with lighting since lighting can boost its overall feel and design. The ambient beauty that the lighting can offer utilises the appeal of your deck not just only for you but also for your neighbours and visitors. So, if you are thinking of adding one, then you are in for a visually appealing upgrade for your deck.

Factors in Choosing Deck Lighting

If you are adding lighting to your deck, then you must consider every factor of it before buying and installing one. The marketplace can offer a lot of lighting for your deck, which some of them may even be cheap for you. However, the type of lighting can hugely affect your deck lighting. Some of them may be too bright for your deck, while some of them can even outshine the overall design of your home.

  • Function: The first thing that you must consider is the function of your deck lighting. Some of our lights at home exist just because we need them in everyday tasks. Some of our lights, however, are there because we want to lighten up the vibe of a specific portion of our home. The former kind of lighting is functional, while the latter is for decorative purposes. Nevertheless, both types of deck lighting can also exist with each other.

On your deck, both types of lighting can be applied on wall sconces, adjacent trees or bushes, and privacy screens. Additionally, lighting can also be set up in railings, pergolas, arbors, patio umbrellas, decorative lanterns, and many more.

  • Type: There are two most common types of lighting out there, namely, LED deck lighting and solar deck lighting. LED deck lighting is the most popular choice between them since they can be found anywhere. Aside from being energy-efficient, LED deck lighting also has a lot of colour options. This lighting can be expensive to buy, but the life expectancy exceeds more than the life from other lighting types. Moreover, LED lighting doesn’t attract bugs since it doesn’t emit wavelengths that attract insects. The LED lighting can be used for both functional and decorative lighting.

On the other hand, solar deck lighting is a lighting that is efficient in both money- and energy-spending. Solar lighting can be installed quickly and doesn’t need a power source or wiring since it can get energy from the sun. One disadvantage of solar lighting is it produces a slightly inferior lighting compared to LED lighting. This disadvantage makes solar deck lighting a good option for just decorative lighting.

Deck Lighting Uses and Application

As you get familiarise with the function and types of deck lighting, you now have the liberty to choose which part of your deck must be installed with a specific type of lighting. One way to use deck lighting is for the safety of the people while roaming around your deck. This lighting is optimal for areas that are not well illuminated by the sun or the light inside of your home. To maximise safety and ambience, deck lighting must be installed in deck steps or deck stairs.

Adding safety to your home, deck lighting can also be added to your patio, particularly on your walkway. This lighting is vital since you and your guests will be walking around the deck at some point in your lives or their visit.

Prioritising safety with deck lighting is a must for a more comfortable grip on your deck. If you have more questions about deck lighting, then give us a call at Prestige Construction and Design Sydney.