Aesthetic Benefits of Timber Decking for Above Ground Swimming Pools

29 April 2021

The presence of above ground swimming pools on home properties can bring many benefits to homeowners. For one, these pools can provide a lot of customisation options to homeowners given that they can be made from various shapes, sizes, and materials. They can also save tons of time and money. Maintenance is also easier with above ground swimming pools compared to other types of pools.

And one element that could complement the above ground swimming pools and amplify their benefits is timber decking. Timber decking is a type of material that can be maximised in building outdoor decks and patios. Since swimming pools can be paired with decks, timber decking can guarantee a significant boost in terms of the pools’ overall appearance and functionalities.

Here are some of the notable benefits of timber decks that owners of above ground swimming pools can maximise and enjoy.

Natural Appearance

One of the most notable benefits of timber decks that can be great for above ground swimming pools is their beautiful natural appearance. Timber decks do not need additional decoration and enhancements just to make them look attractive, which cannot be said to other materials like plastic or metal. Timber decks simply have a stylish and warm look that can make the pool look even more vibrant and attractive. 

Praised Versatility

Another great benefit of timber decks that can be advantageous for pool owners is that they can be versatile. Timber decks may already have natural looks, but they can still be modified just to fit the needs of owners. Pool owners have the option to have the timber decks stained with various colours. They can likewise subject timber decks to finishes that would enhance their textures and styles. Even the shapes and layout of the timber decks can be modified to match the looks of the pool.

Renowned Durability

Despiteits great looks, the appearance of a specific material will be for naught if it will just fade and get damaged by elements. Fortunately, timber decking has a solid structure that makes it strong and durable. Even with heavy furniture pieces and other objects, the timber decking materials that are surrounding the pool can easily withstand their weight without any difficulties. With this benefit, timber decks are expected to last for a long time without sustaining major changes in their appearance.

Ease of Maintenance

One more great benefit of timber decks for above ground swimming pools is that they can be maintained easily. The strong and durable nature of timber decks allows them to withstand damages from various outdoor elements. With the right set of coating and adequate shade, timber decks can somehow resist elements such as heat and moisture. And since they can stay intact even with the existence of elements, cleaning and maintaining them will be much easier through polishing them once or twice a year.

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