A Basic Guide to the Most Popular Timber Decking Materials in Australia

23 August 2021

One great outdoor feature that a lot of property owners here in Australia maximise is the deck. A deck is a flat surface outdoor area that is primarily connected to a property. With some custom modifications from property owners, decks can easily add valuable and functional living spaces to numerous properties.

What is great about decks is that they can provide entertainment spaces for families and friends. These decks can also enhance the people’s health around them since they are exposed to beautiful outdoor surroundings and fun-filled activities, which can be good for both their physical and mental health. The value of the property is likewise improved by the decks due to the existence of lovely outdoor views.

Many materials can be maximised in constructing the decks. However, most decks are typically built out of timber. The following are some of the most popular timber decking materials in Australia.


One of the most renowned timber decking materials here in Australia is jarrah. It is a unique hardwood that is popular for its strength and resistance to fire, weather, and termites. This type of hardwood is also prevalent among property owners due to its majestic colours. Ranging from deep red to blonde, timbers out of this material can truly be a great addition to properties.


Blackbutt is another timber decking material that is typically chosen by property owners. This type of hardwood can be commonly found in New South Wales and southern Queensland and is distinguished by its gorgeous pale brown colour. Just like jarrah, blackbutt is also known for its fire resistance, making it suitable to properties that are near fire-prone areas. This material can be stained, painted, and polished.


Merbau is a type of hardwood that is cheaper compared to other materials. Despite its affordability, it still features characteristics that make it suitable for decking construction. One of its defining characteristics is that it can resist rot and termites. Another great characteristic of merbau is that it can be very durable. This material, however, has declined in numbers, making it somehow difficult to obtain.

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is a timber decking material that can also be maximised by property owners who are living near bushfire prone areas. This specific material is considered to be one of the most premium native hardwoods here in Australia, making it extremely compatible with most decking and other construction projects. Spotted gum is likewise attractive due to its back-sawn grain structure and vibrant colours.


The most notable timber decking material that property owners can utilise is ironbark. It is a type of premium native hardwood in Australia that has colours of pale brown to deep red, making it great for any property type and design. It is likewise notable for property owners due to its excellent density and heaviness. It can also resist fire, rot, and termites, allowing it to last for a very long time.

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