5 Design Elements to Consider when Planning for Your Bathroom Remodel

10 May 2021

The overall design and appearance of bathrooms can effectively change the value of a property. If a bathroom rocks a modern yet sophisticated look, then it will surely increase a home’s value by a significant amount. The same thing may happen if the bathroom will possess a classic appearance.

Changes in the design and appearance of a bathroom can often be implemented through bathroom remodelling, which can be carried out by professional contractors. But before anything else, homeowners like you should evaluate first the amount of money that you are willing to spend to achieve your desired bathroom. You must likewise check the condition of your plumbing systems. And to ensure the success of the project, you must hire a contractor that is reputable, experienced, and offers excellent services.

After considering these elements, it would be the best time for you to consider the design elements of your bathroom. Here are five design elements that you must consider for your bathroom remodel.

  1. Slip-Resistant Floors

Given that your bathroom will be frequently exposed to water, it must have a flooring that can prevent accidents from happening. When picking the floor type of your bathroom, you must opt for one that is slip-resistant. Small tiles and wide grout lines are often considered by many when it comes to securing slip-resistant flooring given that they can generate enough friction to resist any slipping accidents.

  • Long-Lasting Walls

Once you have decided about your floor, it is time for you to consider your bathroom walls. The walls of your bathroom can be made from different materials. They may even come in a wide array of finishes, colours, and other qualities. Typically, tiles are great for walls given that they can resist the effects of moisture. Alternatively, high-quality paint can be used to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

  • Durable Countertops

Bathrooms are often filled with products that are needed for bath and other personal care. And most of the time, these products are stored right on top of countertops as well as on the cabinets. Since these products mostly have chemicals, the countertops must be able to withstand them easily. Cleaning and maintenance of countertops must likewise be easy to preserve the pristine looks of the bathroom.

  • Functional Cabinetry

As mentioned, cabinets play a huge role in bathrooms since they can store valuable products. They can likewise house mirrors and other useful items for personal care purposes. With the moist environment of the bathroom, your cabinets should be made from materials that can function optimally under the stated condition. They can likewise possess delicate craftsmanship that can make them appealing to the eyes.

  • Lighting Combination

One more element to consider when planning for your bathroom is the lighting combination. If you want to save a lot of energy, you may want to integrate LED lights in your bathroom. Additionally, you can pair them to natural light, which can be obtained if you will be positioning your windows strategically. Task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting must be combined optimally to produce a lively bathroom.

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