If you are like most Australians, you love to enjoy the outdoors even when you are at home. An ideal way to accomplish this is by installing a deck onto your house. Today, you have a choice of materials to use in this type of project, namely composite or timber decking. Each one has its unique characteristics and care instructions. Which one is better for your deck? Read our comparison on composite versus timber decking to learn additional facts, so you can make an educated decision for your deck.

Price Comparison

The cost of a composite deck will vary slightly depending upon the brand of composite a construction company chooses to install. However, the average cost of this decking material is about $350.00 a square metre. You also need to know that composite material for decks come in the colour that you desire without the need of sanding or staining.

Timber decks cost less than composite ones do, at least, initially. They range from $200.00 a square metre if you select pine timber to $320.00 a square metre for various hardwood choices in decking. Wood decking requires sanding, staining and sealing to achieve the desired finish and colour.

Maintenance Requirements

It is easy to maintain composite decks throughout their lifespan just by spraying them off with water. Pressure washing also is possible. No sealant is ever necessary for this type of decking.

Wood deck material does require periodic cleaning in the same manner as the composite material does throughout the year. However, timber decking also needs re-staining and re-sealing occasionally during its lifespan.


The difference between the composite and timber decking is quite evident when comparing their lifespan. Composite decks last 25 years or more while timber ones last up to 15 years before needing replacing.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both materials produce an eye-catching deck since composite has the look of natural wood. You cannot base your decision on this point since these materials run neck and neck with each other here.


Composite material for decking has two downsides. One is that it costs more initially to install and two is the fact that not all composite decking contains 100-percent natural substances. However, composite can contain recycled materials.

Timber decking costs more per year to maintain than composite does for the most part. Also, since its lifespan is shorter than the lifespan of composite, you get less of a return on your investment. We must point out that if you are looking for an all-natural material for your deck, though, timber is the one that offers this feature. Turn to Prestige Construction & Design for further facts about composite versus timber decking to know which one is right for you. We specialise in decks along with other construction projects.

Is a tree house or a studio cabin in the terrace on your “must-have” list for your future dream house plans? Perhaps you long to cook outdoors like an ace BBQ culinary specialist – and simply need the privilege outdoor space? Below are outdoor structures for your dream home in Sydney.


For every one of those radiant and languid long periods of summer where one can appreciate the breeze, have two or three cool drinks and watch the sun set. Also, on the off chance that you live in the South, a secured yard facing south or west can be an inviting spot to loosen up most seasons.

Cabin in the Backyard

Need some an ideal opportunity to yourself? Away from all the buzz and exercises in the home? A little house or cabin in your own patio is a great reading and relaxing space – or if need be – a workshop/studio. This little shed-like cabin would do well in most any lawn.


There’s nothing more inviting than a brilliant veneer and finished grounds to establish the pace for what anticipates inside.

Tree House with a Hammock Below

As a youngster, you probably needed an enormous tree house in your terrace. Presently, you can make that dream a reality.

Grilling Porch

Only a plain old BBQ barbecue is old fashioned! Presently you can have a full outdoor kitchen or a grill yard for summer parties and other get-togethers. Prepare your preferred plans in a delightfully finished lawn. An outdoor kitchen in this extravagance house plan brings all the gathering activity to you,

Fire Pit

Why not a pit fire at home? Accumulate your companions around a fire pit, unwind and begin roasting sausages and marshmallows.


A pergola is a freestanding nursery structure that forms an outdoor sitting region, walkway, or way, and they have been the location of numerous a romance book or film worldwide since the beginning. Otherwise called an arbour, pergolas of days of old offered a sitting zone intended for sitting with some shade from brutal daylight.

Basically, these structures have had a resurgence. In least complex form, a pergola is a secured territory and spot for you to unwind and appreciate the excellence of your lawn. Today, they are the centre of a family’s public activity. Complete outdoor nursery rooms where loved ones may unwind and appreciate natural air and refreshments while entertaining visitors, these more current outdoor rooms even include comfortable furnishings, remote TVs, fire pits, and kitchens!

Pergolas were most likely inspired by the late archaic green passages found in early Renaissance gardens. These were produced using springy withy shoots to make a column of curves that were approximately woven supports on which the vines developed, providing a cool concealed path. Conventional pergolas are worked out of stone, block or wood with vertical columns that help cross-bars and an open grid where vines are trained to develop. As a kind of gazebo, these structures can be an expansion of a building or fill in as insurance for a back porch.

Generally speaking, the paradox of a structure is that the better it is, the less it is noticed. You can definitely consider it a great plan if it looks like it is put together naturally. Consequently, an ineffectively structured deck can be exceptionally obvious. If it looks unpleasant, it can negatively affect the overall appearance of the house – ultimately reducing the aesthetic appeal of the home it is supposed to complement. In order to maximise the benefits of an outdoor space, let’s say a decking project, you have to utilise the elements that make a decking project successful. Below are some of them.

A Successful Decking Has A Complementary Design

The most ideal way to make your deck seem as though it is an integrated part of the house is to start, as all great originators start, by taking signals from what already exists. The railings and posts for the proposed deck, for example, should mirror similar elements at house sections and on patios. Maintain a reasonable scale between the deck and the house: smaller decks for smaller houses, higher decks for taller houses, and so forward.

On more established, traditional houses, wood decks can look somewhat strange; consider utilising block or stone for the help posts. You can also replace a strong wood railing with a more “transparent” kind of railing material, or keep the deck sufficiently low to avoid requiring a railing.

A Successful Decking Provides Traffic Control

Another deck can substantially alter the way wherein individuals move in and through your home. Plan the deck to coordinate foot traffic where you want it. Placing the deck close to the kitchen makes it easier to move food and dishes back and forward. Setting the same deck so it tends to have an entrance distinctly from the lounge could lead to filthy carpets and regular disturbance of TV watching

Consider the transition from within your home to the outside. Wide French or sliding glass entryways make the outside look welcoming and also make an illusion of space. While existing entryways simply don’t appear to work for the planned deck, consider adding another one in the ideal location.

A Successful Decking Has Line Matching

The right deck contractor considers the lines of a house, and then attempts to match the lines of the new deck to them. A house’s lines are characterised by vertical things, for example, smokestacks, yard sections, and corners, and horizontal elements, for example, patio railings, eaves, and the alignment of windows and entryways. Also search for ways to align the edges of the deck with comers or knock outs in the house. Use irregularities in the house facade to incorporate angles into your deck plan.

Present-day decks come in pretty much any shape and size you need, so your alternatives are generally just constrained by your territory and your financial plan. Yet, in the event that these imperatives don’t confine your decisions to an extreme, how might you settle on a single and a multilevel decking. Here is an overview of single and multi-level decks so you could know which is better for your home.

Single Level Decks Advantages

A single level deck is likely the most economical deck you can have. In case you’re on a careful spending plan, this gives you the biggest parlour space for your buck. Single level decks are done rapidly in light of the fact that they don’t call for some specialisations – so you can get outside speedier and simpler.

Essentially, level deck space is ideal for those with a little yard and not many open-air needs. Do you simply need a spot to unwind and appreciate a tranquil Sunday morning? A single level deck keeps it simple and doesn’t make you overspend for things you won’t really use. Then again, if your companions like to hang out all together gathering, a basic level deck could be exactly what you need.

Multi-Level Decks Advantages

A multilevel deck permits you to make isolated outside amusement zones. You could put an outside kitchen, for example, on the first floor with a flight of stairs to an upper deck where the perspective on the nightfall is better.

Various zones mean you can accomplish more with your outside space, which supports the functionality of the whole deck. You could have a bigger get-together, eating in a ground-level open-air lounge area while the children play on a subsequent level and companions have a peaceful talk on a waist.

In the event that you have odd territory in your yard – like a slant, lopsided ground, or rough arranging – going vertical is an incredible arrangement. The impression of the deck will be littler, so you can work around things like trees, storehouses, and specific perspectives that you need to keep. What’s more, it can save what was an unusable yard by covering it with a more valuable, level space for getting a charge out of the outside. Finally, on the off chance that you have a multilevel house, a multilevel hard landscape could even make the upper floors more valuable. Include a flight of stairs or slopes among floors, and you can move effectively between the open-air kitchen underneath and the ace suite above.

Kitchens remain the most well known room in the house to remodel. It’s a difficult task, both as far as cost and project scale. So before you enlist a contractor and begin slamming down dividers, there are some significant interesting points and get ready: to be specific, setting a spending plan, figuring out what you need, and planning how it will all fit.

Set Your Budget Before You Remodel a Kitchen

As you approach planning the new kitchen, be sensible about the expense. Enormous renovation projects regularly wind up taking additional time and cash than you plan for, so it’s a smart thought to focus on a traditionalist financial plan underneath your maximum spending plan to guarantee there are additional assets if your project goes over. A decent general guideline is to add another 10 to 20 percent for unplanned costs. The more money related pad you have, the better. You would prefer not to scramble for an extra advance mid-project, or more regrettable, end up with a half-completed kitchen since you came up short on money.

Do Some Research

Visit kitchen showrooms and home stores to make sense of the expense of things, and afterward make sense of what you need and what you can afford. Going to a local home tour is an incredible method to interface with different property holders and watch their kitchen formats and renovations.

Consider “Covered up” Costs

Make sure to factor in the expense of work and materials just as assessments and any transportation or conveyance costs that may come up. These can include rapidly, so it’s imperative to consider when you’re setting the spending plan. Additionally, consider if there are any means en route that you might want to perform yourself. In any event, taking on only a couple of undertakings can spare you a lot of cash.

Planning a Kitchen Layout

More than any room in the house, the kitchen should be useful and utilitarian. Consider how you utilize your present kitchen to recognize your needs for the redesigned space. What works and what doesn’t? Give extensive idea to the format of the room and survey what will work best for your family unit.

At whatever point conceivable, utilize the great work triangle. Organize the sink, refrigerator, and stove (the three highlights utilized the most) in a triangular example. This is commonly viewed as the most advantageous arrangement since it spares pointless advances.

Additionally, consider what number individuals for the most part work in the kitchen simultaneously. In the event that it’s multiple, you should join more than one workstation. Or on the other hand, if there’s sufficient space, consider including an island or buy a wheeled truck that can be moved around the room and set aside when not being used.

Kitchen Space Planning

A decent redesigning contractor can assist you with ensuring things are spread out to guarantee appropriate wellbeing, however it’s dependent upon you to plan for accommodation. Here are a couple of things to recall when delineating your space:

Last Considerations Before Renovation

Welcome your contractor into your home to talk about the entirety of your expectations and necessities for your kitchen renovation. This will help affirm your space is planned such that will guarantee comfort and simplicity of development for you and your family. Make sure to adhere to your plan, and don’t become involved with the fervour or let yourself get talked into things you don’t need or need.

In the event that you have a decking in your home, you might need to reconsider before picking the material for your next deck. Long the go-to material, wood is progressively being supplanted by composite decking as the material of decision for outside spaces. Intended to convey inconceivable sturdiness, simple maintenance and enduring excellence, composite decking offers all the magnificence of wood without the issues of ceaseless upkeep.

Most homeowners need to invest their energy making the most of their outside living spaces – as opposed to looking after them. Elite composite decking stands up to climate and everyday wear far superior than wood. It’s additionally produced using reused content, which settles on it a perfect decision for the present eco-cognizant buyers. Below are the different advantages and maintenance benefits of composite decking.

Composite Decking is Durable

Composite decking is intended for most extreme strength. It opposes blurring, recolouring, scratching and shape, and won’t decay, split or twist. It’s likewise bug confirmation and sans splinter, making it more secure and increasingly agreeable for families with children and pets.

Composite Decking is Low Maintenance

With composite decking, you never need to stress over sanding, recolouring or painting. Only an intermittent cleanser and-water cleaning is much expected to keep up steadiness and excellence for quite a long time. Composite decking usually even accompanies a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty, guaranteeing that it will proceed to look and proceed just as the primary day it was introduced.

Composite Decking is Aesthetically Pleasing

Featuring top notch wood grain examples and rich, soaked hues, composite decking looks and feels more normal than any other time in recent memory. Shading choices go from profound earth tones to zesty reds and unblemished greys, including tropically-enlivened sheets that highlight the particular streaked look of outlandish hardwoods. Notwithstanding the scope of decking looks accessible, mortgage holders additionally can locate a wide determination of composite embellishments, for example, railings, steps, entryways, pergolas and furniture, to make a genuinely altered outside space.

Composite Decking is Sustainable

Composite decking gives the look and feel of wood without the ecological effect. The deck sheets are made utilizing reused content, including recovered mechanical wood scraps and reused plastic from normal things, for example, shopping sacks and paper sleeves.

Composite Decking Improves Overall Home Value

Although the underlying expense of composite decking can be higher, when you factor in the expense of progressing maintenance required with a wood deck, a composite deck can wind up paying for itself in well under 10 years.

Consult Prestige Construction and Design Sydney for your composite decking needs. We are committed to high-quality designs, workmanship, materials and customer service with each project that we perform for clients.

Merbau is a beautiful hardwood derived from the Kwila tree, and it is categorised as one of timber species which can be found in different locations globally. Due to its unique aesthetic value, it can be considerably liken to that of a jarrah. It has a great resilience and versatility that is unlike any other hardwood material. Aside from that, it is also termite-resistant and weatherproofed that is why it is recommended as a decking material.

You can easily spot the Merbau hardwood in geographical regions with tropical climates, including but not limited to – Queensland in Australia, Indo Pacific islands such as Fiji, Samoa, African locations such as Tanzania and Madagascar and even in India. The most common purpose of Merbau is primarily for flooring, decking, marine construction, outdoor furniture, music instruments, and more. Below is an overview of Merbau decking and its advantages for your Melbourne home.

Merbau Decking will Promote Enticing Appearance for Your Melbourne Home

Merbau decking is characterised by its timber hardwood distinguishable for its enticing orange golden-brown colour. It has a contrasting sapwood in a soft yellow to ivory white. These colours can still be manipulated in accordance to your needs and preferences by lightening or darkening them with oils. While these oils can improve your Merbau decking colour, it can also seal and protect your deck, consequently prolong the life of your decking. You could make use of two types of oil namely the water-based and the oil based. The Merbau decking already contains natural oils from it manufacturing so the most recommended type of oil to use is the water-based one in order to protect its visual appeal and not get in the way of your decking’s usage.

If you decide to use the water-based type of oil, the process of application for the oil in the decking will most likely take the entire day. The oil-based type, on the other hand, seep into the wood to give it a polished appeal and they are most recommended for dry wood materials. You have to take into account the colour of your Merbau decking before you proceed to the selection of the oils to use. Merbau decking can be the easiest hardwood material to lighten or darken as you please.

Merbau Decking will Make Your Melbourne Home Incomparable

Outdoor living spaces experts utilise Merbau decking due to one main reason – its beauty. Its visual appeal is incomparable to other decking materials. Also, it is a resilient material that can be at par with timber decking. And as mentioned, it is also versatile in nature because of its multiple functions and uses. Aside from it, if you compare Merbau decking with other materials – the result would tell you that it has a high resistance to termites and weathering.

Your outdoor living space will never look its best without a pergola, that is what many homeowners would like to believe. It is a wonder how this simple structure can totally transform your exterior space to its glory if constructed beautifully. If you still need further convincing, here are ways on how beautiful pergolas can transform your outdoor living space.

Beautiful Pergolas Ensures Protection from Elements

Pergolas, as simple as they come, can vary depending on how you constructed it. But one of their most useful functions is their ability to ensure protection from outdoor elements. For instance, an oversize pergola can work wonders for those who are fond of hosting entertainment activities outdoors. Its shade made of either a canopy or roofing can become a shelter to protect guests and residents from the heat of the sun or cover them from rain. So with a pergola, you never have to worry about the weather. Aside from that, you can also use it for isolation since it is a best site for reflection and meditation.

Beautiful Pergolas Add a Modern Look to Your Outdoor Space

The minimalist approach is the latest trend that defines the 21st century wherever you look. With its simplistic structure and built, pergolas characterise modernity in the exterior living space category. Aside from that, its minimal detail makes any pairings acceptable regardless of its design and intricacies. You can have multiple options for your additional features and furniture that makes your outdoor living space unique and trendy at the same time, without clashing or overpowering its aesthetic value.

Beautiful Pergolas Maximises the Visual Appeal of Your Space

Constructing your pergola in the most used exterior space allows you to maximise its function. You can place the said pergola in a lounging space with a good view of the neighbourhood. Aside from that, you could also create a cohesive, modern look if you choose furnishings that echo the architecture of the pergola. Also, these could also be the perfect space for outdoor entertainment. You can easily set up your patio table here and enjoy a meal with family out in the sunlight, or create a small spa and luxuriate with friends by the poolside. Rather than keeping everyone holed up indoors during a summer get-together, pergolas allow you to enjoy the fresh air within a perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Beautiful Pergolas Add Value to your House

Pergolas will not just provide advantages to you while you are living in your home, however they can likewise help significantly when you intend to sell. A wonderful and usable open air space is a major piece of your home’s general worth since home diversion has become a conspicuous piece of our way of life as property holders. While ideally you’ll remain to make the most of your pergola for a long time, if selling your house is in your future, building one can captivate potential buyers and conceivably raise your home value – even as much as 20 percent.

A deck can handle even the rowdiest and heaviest weight and foot movement as long as the beam that carries the floor joists is properly bolted to the side of the house. Unlike bolts, nails can pull out — and without warning.

As families from all over the world are spending more time together, they will be looking to get outdoors and make use of their space. It is estimated that 30 million decks are past their useful life and need to be replaced or repaired. It is crucial for homeowners to have their decks inspected to verify the integrity of their deck to ensure user safety as well as help extend the deck’s life-span, improve appearance, and increase liveability. Below are reasons why deck builders must put safety as an important aspect in design.

Safe Decks Avoids Accidents and Hazards

Even modest decks are required to meet building codes, and for good reason. An improperly constructed deck can be a safety hazard, eyesore and can even devalue your home. That’s why any deck project should begin with some research into local codes.

Safe Decks Comply with Local Codes

Talk to your local building department. Most will supply a list of relevant deck building codes for your area and will answer questions you might have about compliance on your particular project. If you have a contractor to build your deck, make sure they are up-to-date on the latest codes.

Post-Footing Diameter and Depth – These are essential for proper deck support. Be aware that the requirements for minimum footing diameter have become more stringent in the recent years. Footings that support important structural members such as beams often are 24-30cm or more in width.

Ledger Flashing – This must be positioned according to code – wrapping over the top of the ledger and under the building paper and siding – to prevent water from infiltrating between the ledger and the wall.

Beam Overhangs or “Cantilever” – These are strictly regulated by code and vary depending on the type of wood and thickness of the beam. Generally, the cantilever should not exceed two centimetres in length for every eight centimetres  of  joist span. If you want to design a cantilever in your deck greater than one-quarter of the span of the beam, you will need to use steel beams.

Engineered Beams – This could be a laminated wood product of steel girder that should be used on decks with very long joist spans, where standard dimension lumber is not adequate for the load. Engineered beams for decks must be rated for exterior use. Stairs – Verticals step risers must be a maximum of 17cm high. If left open, the opening must not be greater that 8cm. Treads should be a minimum of 20cm deep. Variation among risers or treads should not exceed 1.5cm.

Decks are normally constructed as part of a home’s exterior living space. They intend to be a part of garden landscaping, an extension of home living areas, and an alternative to patios or other stone-based enhancements. Decks can be made from composite material and aluminium. However, one popular material used in constructing decks is timber. 

Timber decking is very popular in some parts of Australia because of all the features it brings to ordinary homes. Your home’s space and comfort can be enhanced by timber decking due to the following reasons. 

Visual Appearance

Timber decking can be identified right away because of its stylish and warm appearance. Coming in a wide range of great-looking hardwood and composites, this type of decking can instantly transform your backyard into a classy, modern entertaining area. Its visual appeal, which can be modified according to your preferred colour, texture, and style, helps your overall home obtain unmatched beauty. The overall vibe of timber decking makes your home feel connected to nature even more.

Reliable Strength

Unlike indoor living spaces, any areas that are constructed outside your home should be able to withstand weathering elements and insects. Fortunately, the materials used for timber decking are not only eye-pleasing but also extremely durable. They do not also wear easily, making them suitable for high traffic areas like an outdoor kitchen, entertaining areas, and other types of outdoor living space.

Free-Flowing Effect

What is great about the timber decking is that it can provide sound lifestyle property choice. It is made to keep the walking experience comfortable without worrying about the effects of the sun. For architects and home designers, this specific feature of timber decking helps them create a home layout that is free-flowing and fluid. Meaning, the seamless transition and connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces can be heavily utilised by this type of decking.

Needs Provided

The demand for indoor-outdoor family homes here in Australia is steadily increasing as these homes can provide more space for most growing families. These homes also allow parents to remain indoors even if their children are playing outside. Fortunately, the inclusion of timber decking in an indoor-outdoor family home heavily fits the intended function and benefits of the said home. Additionally, this type of decking can easily replace unused yard space in just a short time. 

Property Value

All the properties mentioned about timber decking can help your property increase in value. As long as you use high-quality timber for your deck, you are guaranteed to have a home that can be sold at a high but hugely reasonable price. You do not even have to worry about its quality by the time you sell your property as timber decking usually lasts for a very long time. 

All these things make timber decking appropriate for homeowners who want to maximise space and bring comfort to their families. For more information about timber decking, feel free to contact us at Prestige Construction and Design.